X-Men in Zombieland


So it seems that these past few days I’ve been destined to go without Internet. Our local service has been down, and while visiting a friend a few hours away I had hoped to snag some but no luck. Strangely enough,the Husbane and I love to talk. We debate a lot, and it’s great for our relationship. It doesn’t always focus around the serious stuff, a lot of times it’s fun, fluffy topics. Like this one yesterday, we debated nearly an hour about it. The question?

If the Zombie Apocalypse happened, and you could be any X-Men character, who would you be? He, the typical male, chose Wolverine for his general bad-assery. His reasoning is Wolverine could never be infected, lives forever and could wreck shop on the zombies. I, however, chose Gene Aja Phoenix, because who can compete with a telepathic telekinetic? She beats everyone! Zombies could’t even get close, she would just zap them with her mind. And if you needed something but zombies were in the way, she could just flick it into re air and pull it right over. Clearly Gene is the best choice.

Well then he started talking about how Gene would eventually get old and die, but he would live forever and “repopulate the earth”. Gee, thanks husband of mine! So I guess if I wanted to spend any time with him I would have to go with the Asian, female version with the adamantium claws from the second movie so we could repopulate together 😉

Uh, yeah. That’s a day in the life of our household. Heated debates ensue. So tell me, who would you choose? Storm, so you could fly around? Rogue, to hijack powers? Mystique, so you could blend in with the undead?

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