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X Base Pedestal Table from Ana White | Killer b. Designs



X Base Pedestal Table from Ana White

A few weeks ago, my sister mentioned that she wanted to upgrade her hand-me-down round oak table she’d had since she graduated college. She wanted a “real” table that she picked herself, but the ones in stores were insanely expensive and nothing she was really looking for. So I offered to build her a table that was exactly what she wanted.  We spent a few hours online, and she fell in love with the X Base Pedestal table from Restoration Hardware. She liked the chunky legs and the angles on the base, but she specifically wanted a square top instead of a round one. So, I asked the ever-amazing Ana White for help! And didn’t she pull through in a big way? This top is heavenly.

I never would have come up with all that detail on my own. But it was simple enough to build, I just had to slow down and take my time.

The base was surprisingly easy. I used douglass fir 4×4’s for the legs, and used 2 1/2″ screws to attach them. No special tools needed!

One tip to keep in mind when working with angles is to make sure that your boards stay flush on your saw. I don’t have a special table with inset for my saw, right now it sits on the ground. So the boards on the saw are about 4″ up in the air, which meant I had to try and hold them down and cut at the same time. Not too easy when you have an 8 foot long four by four stick of hard lumber! Some of my angles suffered because of this and wouldn’t sit flush after cutting because they were cut at uneven angles.

Luckily a little wood filler did the trick and hid any imperfections. My sister chose a walnut stain, and I used Minwax Gel Stain and applied it with a rag.

It looks fantastic in her dining room! She plans on finding some new chairs to match the sleek style of the table.

I’ve built my fair share of tables by this point, and I think the X Base Pedestal Table is one of my absolute favorites. There’s so much detail in it, but it’s still a simple enough build. You just have to have some time and patience, and be willing to finagle the angles a bit. Trust me, the end result is totally worth it!

Plans should be posted on Ana’s website very soon, and I’ll be sure to update the post one they’re here!


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  1. MarieRoxanne

    Nice! I love the table, although it reminds me of parquet flooring.

    1. Brooke

      HA! You know what, it really does! I didn’t see that before. Good thing I have a soft spot for parquet flooring 😉

  2. Ellie

    GORGEOUS!!! The RH type chairs that will look great are so pricey, but there are definitely bargains out there for similar styles. I recently discovered the blog Copy Cat Chic and they always have great lower priced options!

    1. Brooke

      Thank you Ellie! My sister isn’t the DIY or decorator type at all, so my bets are she’ll go to SAMS or Target and find something she likes in person. Personally I’m a huge fan of those metal Tolix style chairs, but she may want something more plush like a Parsons chair. I’m just ready for her to find some because I’m stealing those she currently has!

  3. valerie

    You have done a great job as usual!

    1. Brooke

      Thank you very much Valerie!

  4. nickfmc

    you mention you used fir for the 4 x 4’s what is the rest of the table made out of ? I priced the table out of fir and the build would cost me around $450 not even close to $60

    1. Brooke

      Hi Nick. Here’s the link to my local Lowes 4×4 fir timber×4&UserSearch=fir+4×4&productId=3606730&rpp=32 . They also have cedar, though it’s maybe $5 more. For the top, I used stud grade 2×6 and 2×4 pine and pine 1x’s for the planking. You certainly don’t have to use fir, that’s just what my local store provides.

      1. nickfmc

        Thanks for the info I was more interested in what you used for the top thanks for the quick reply

    2. Tsu Dho Nimh

      Nick – There’s a difference between “straight grain fir” used for fine cabinetry and the ordinary fir used for the table.

      And, in some parts of the country, fir is expensive and another, local, wood is cheaper. In the SE, Southern Yellow pine might be better.

  5. Linda Baldock

    Oh, Brooke, I just saw your new table on Ana’s site and I had to pop over to see your pictures. The table is amazing! I love the look of the top…you did a fantastic job!

    1. Brooke

      Thank you so much!

  6. Tsu Dho Nimh

    I don’t have a special table with inset for my saw, right now it sits on the ground. So the boards on the saw are about 4″ up in the air, which meant I had to try and hold them down and cut at the same time.

    I use a block of wood the same height as the saw’s base, placed far enough away to support the end of the board I’m cutting.

    I trhink a 4×4 is just the right height, or a coup-le of tx4s.

  7. nickfmc

    I should have some pictures by end of week posted on Ana’s site, thanks again for the design.

    1. Brooke

      Fantastic! I check Ana’s brag blog daily to see what new creations people have built. And don’t thank me, it’s all Ana! I’m just so glad to be able to build what she dreams up in her mind.

  8. Alex

    I had recently read your blog after looking for table base build ideas on Ana White’s site. Looking at my local Craigslist today, I was surprised to see YOUR photos used to sell that table. I don’t think this is your company and you might want to contact them regarding using your property.

    1. Brooke

      Thank you for the heads up, I contacted the seller to remove the stolen images.

  9. Andy

    Hi Brooke, I already have a 40 round table top and was wondering if I could use the pedestal on it.. Thanks much

    1. Brooke

      You most certainly can! And it would look even more like the fancy original

  10. Darrell

    Hi Brooke,
    I would like to use your fantastic design on a tabletop that is 5 feet square. How will that impact the pedestal width? The design overhang is at 7 inches. Would I have to keep it the same if I increase the size of the top?

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