X Base Pedestal Table from Ana White

A few weeks ago, my sister mentioned that she wanted to upgrade her hand-me-down round oak table she’d had since she graduated college. She wanted a “real” table that she picked herself, but the ones in stores were insanely expensive and nothing she was really looking for. So I offered to build her a table that was exactly what she wanted.

22 thoughts on “X Base Pedestal Table from Ana White

    1. HA! You know what, it really does! I didn’t see that before. Good thing I have a soft spot for parquet flooring 😉

  1. GORGEOUS!!! The RH type chairs that will look great are so pricey, but there are definitely bargains out there for similar styles. I recently discovered the blog Copy Cat Chic and they always have great lower priced options!

    1. Thank you Ellie! My sister isn’t the DIY or decorator type at all, so my bets are she’ll go to SAMS or Target and find something she likes in person. Personally I’m a huge fan of those metal Tolix style chairs, but she may want something more plush like a Parsons chair. I’m just ready for her to find some because I’m stealing those she currently has!

  2. you mention you used fir for the 4 x 4’s what is the rest of the table made out of ? I priced the table out of fir and the build would cost me around $450 not even close to $60

    1. Nick – There’s a difference between “straight grain fir” used for fine cabinetry and the ordinary fir used for the table.

      And, in some parts of the country, fir is expensive and another, local, wood is cheaper. In the SE, Southern Yellow pine might be better.

  3. Oh, Brooke, I just saw your new table on Ana’s site and I had to pop over to see your pictures. The table is amazing! I love the look of the top…you did a fantastic job!

    1. Fantastic! I check Ana’s brag blog daily to see what new creations people have built. And don’t thank me, it’s all Ana! I’m just so glad to be able to build what she dreams up in her mind.

  4. Hi Brooke, I already have a 40 round table top and was wondering if I could use the pedestal on it.. Thanks much

  5. Hi Brooke,
    I would like to use your fantastic design on a tabletop that is 5 feet square. How will that impact the pedestal width? The design overhang is at 7 inches. Would I have to keep it the same if I increase the size of the top?

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