Wide Fabric Scrap Headbands: A How-To

So…I’m growing out the crop 🙁 After a few dozen not-so-subtle wistful comments about how much he missed my long hair, the hubs convinced me to grow it out. I’m thinking of it as a temporary hiatus from the crop. The way I figure it, I’ll be rockin’ the crop from 35 until my expiration date, so I may as well give him a few good years of long-ish hair. Men. Anyway, to battle the crazy thatch on my head while it grows out, I’m slicking it back with some fat fabric headbands. And of course, they’re all reversible so I can get double mileage out of these babies!

They’re made from fabric scraps and a small bit of elastic. I find that the metal headband inserts give me a major headache from pressing against those bones behind my ears. Anybody else have that problem? And skinny elastic headbands just slide off my extra-round skull. So I came up with a pattern to make these chunkier versions that have no problem staying in place! Oh, and don’t mind my photo bomber. She decided throwing headbands was way more fun that taking photos of them.

Oh, did I mention my little munchkin turns ONE today?! She sure does! I’ll be back later with a fun birthday update for sure.

What can I say, girl likes to make a mess!

Silly goose. Anyway, on to the tutorial!


6 thoughts on “Wide Fabric Scrap Headbands: A How-To

  1. Myy parents took me and my friends to an ice skating rink one year. Living in Florida, this was about the coolest thing ever since we never saw snow or ice. Despite one of my friends falling and cutting open her chin (thank goodness my dad’s a doctor) it was one of the best birthdays ever.

  2. My favorite birthday memory was just our at home celebration. Your favorite meal and a cake, easy peasy but surrounded by those you love. 🙂

  3. My favorite b-day memory was when I turned 17. My two best friends showed up at my house early in the morning to surprise me, and we took a road trip to an amusement park for the day. Gotta love surprises & good friends!

  4. My favorite birthday memory would be my 16th birthday. My parents took me to Australia and I got to meet my Australian cousins for the first time!

  5. Being an August baby means I have lots of great summer birthday memories. One that I will never forget was somewhere around 9 or 10 and planned as a pool party but as we waited for the last friend to arrive and got into our suits it began to rain so we stayed in and painted t-shirts with puff paint instead. My best adult birthday was last year when hubby surprised me with a weekend in Paris (its a 3 hour train ride so not as exotic as it may seem) but it was just perfect, he even arranged a bike tour. I am sure Charlie will have lots of fun summer birthdays, especially if you are planning them!

  6. My favorite birthday memory was when I turned 14 and my parents had a surprise birthday at a indoor pool! Being born 4 days before christmas in Michigan makes parties a little challenging, so it was the perfect party to be able to be in a swimsuit and hang out with all of my friends! Ps happy birthday Charlie!!

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