When to Call in the Pros for Landscaping: The Before



Well guys, we did it. We decided to throw in the towel when it comes to landscaping. I posted these photos a few weeks back when we finished our brick patio, and it’s only gotten progressively worse. Our “yard” consisted of weeds, dirt, and fire ants. The larger I became in this pregnancy, the less energy I had for working out in the heat! Our rock beds were exploding in weeds, the rock path was washing out, and my poor poor bushes were being squished by our dogs cooling themselves in the only shaded area in the front. Lazy bums.



It wasn’t the worst yard ever seen, but it was looking pretty sad. And to be honest, we had no clue what we were doing! We looked into the possibility of adding faux turf, but that was going to be $6-10K for a small patch installed ourselves. So, we called Debbie at Sagebrush Landscaping to get a quote. What’s funny is I had done quite a bit of research to find landscapers who do natural xeriscaping to cut down on water consumption (the Hill Country is near a record drought) and after weighing all my options and looking at portfolio photos I chose Debbie. I found out after our consultation that she was the one who did my parent’s landscaping 15 years ago! That alone vetted her for me, since I love their yard and how grown in it looks now.

And so, we pulled up all the rocks, moved the beds, and got ready for our landscaping transformation!




We had given it the good ol’ college try, and sadly it just wasn’t enough to do justice to our house. And yes, we are also gussying up that gate and fence contraption.



Debbie came out yesterday to give me a basic idea of her plan (we had verbally discussed it prior) and painted out some lines where the new beds and path will be. There won’t be any grass in the front, just some planted beds, gravel, a mortared walkway to the door and a path that winds around to the back patio.




This nice shady grove of trees will be a play area for Charlie and her soon-to-be little sister.



I am SO ready for this part! Right now it’s very uncomfortable to go outside and play surrounded by sticker burrs and dirt. I’m so ready for some mulch and gravel and GRASS! The drought-resistant kind, of course. And the best part here is that we’re installing a fence and gate to keep the dogs out. They tend to destroy things. Like my bushes.




Rounding the bend from the front of the house is our side yard, which will be mostly grass with a very large gravel patch to house my raised beds. Hooray! My summer garden was relatively successful (I was drowning in zucchini and butternut squash) so I’m excited to make even more progress at growing our own food.




This scraggly section will be filled in partially with grass and mostly with beds around the trees and a nice seating area in the gap between those two trees there.




We’re also ditching these cinder block beds (I’ve transplanted my summer yellow squash and hope it makes it!) and getting another tree and some prettier beds around the patio.




Lastly, this area will also have some beds around the trees and filled in with grass.


So that’s it! The crew showed up yesterday to scrape the topsoil off the yard and dropped off dirt this morning. They’re making surprisingly quick headway and I’m told they should be finished Friday or Monday at the latest!! We are SO excited to get to finally use our outdoor space to its full potential. Plus it will be exciting to see our brick patio look more aged and built-in and less um, shoddy. GOODBYE WEEDS! I can’t wait to share the afters with you!


4 thoughts on “When to Call in the Pros for Landscaping: The Before

  1. Beautiful area. Look forward to your final product. Give it a year to get established. Are you getting rain lately? In Corpus Christi we have been in a severe drought for at least three years but for the last week we have had daily. Many inches and the grass, trees, and plants love it.

  2. I’m excited too! Following it on IG has been so exciting. I really think it’s gonna look great.

    And the exterior of your home is just gorgeous. It’s been nice to follow the adventure.

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