Wedding Guest Book: Modified Fancy X Bench



I was honored this past March to be Matron of Honor in one of my best friend’s wedding, and as a gift to the happy couple I made them a guest book bench. I wanted this one to look extra special. I started out with Ana White’s Fancy X Bench plans and made a couple of modifications. I reduced the overall length to 54″ to sit at the foot of a bed or under a table, and used only 2 pedestals instead of 3. To make the top better for signing, I decided to substitute the planked 2×6’s for a flat “hobby board” that was 15″ wide, purchased at Lowes. I framed it out with some 1×2’s to make it look chunkier.



Once it was built I gave it three coats of white semi-gloss latex, and then drew up the art for the center. It’s the same font used on the wedding invitations. I wish I had thought to take a photo of the signed bench at the wedding! But I was a little bit busier at the moment. I’m really proud of this pretty little bench. As I received in one of the messages on my own wedding bench, I hope it sees the butts of many friends for years to come!


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    1. It’s painted. I print out the design on computer paper at the size I want, lay it over the piece in place and then trace it with an unclicked pen to create an indention. Then I fill it in with paint and a small brush

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