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Vintage Screen Pantry Door | Killer b. Designs



Vintage Screen Pantry Door

One of the best perks about being a flea market vendor is that you get to hang around all day and shop. Plus I have a little extra cash burning a hole in my pocket every time I make a sale. For May’s market, I stumbled on this amazingly beautiful old screen door. Oh, and the best part? It was only $65! I’d been waiting and searching for a good pantry door since we started building, and just hadn’t found the right one. I thought I’d have to build one myself, which would have been in the 60-75 dollar range. So when I saw this, I immediately high-tailed it back to my booth to grab the cash and sent Jacob back to pick it up.

What’s funny to me is that my booth up until then was having a bit of a slow day (we all were, surprisingly) but when Jacob came back and propped that door in the back until it was time to load I was literally blocking people from coming after it! I kept having to tell them, “No, this is MY door I  bought around the corner, I’m not losing this one!” My family thought I was a bit nuts to not mark it up and resell for a profit, but I just knew this door was *the one*. And it is. It is the most absolutely perfect door for our kitchen pantry.

If you look closely, you’ll notice that it doesn’t actually sit inside the frame. The door measurements were 3′ wide by 7′ tall, which didn’t quite fit my 31″ x 96″ opening. Not to be deterred, I made it work in our space. I just couldn’t bring myself to cut down six inches of width, so I simply decided it could sit over the frame like a cabinet door. We just used three plain old gate hinges from my dad’s stash.

Blends in, doesn’t it? For the top gap, I made a transom window frame with some scrap cedar 1×2’s and nailed it into place. I also wanted to try out a stained glass look so I whipped up a faux window with some plexiglass and hot glue. I’ll post more on that next.

As the door wasn’t sitting inside the frame, we had to rig up the knob. We removed the back knob and the interior hardware and used putty epoxy to keep the old knob in place. You can see the white rim of putty just barely. To keep the door shut, I again raided my dad’s latch supply and found this old bathroom-style catch. All I did was bend half around the side of the door with a hammer, then screwed it into place. It’s perfect! Very subtle, and simple enough for the adults to do while keeping toddler hands at bay. Now I no longer need to fear looking up to see her dumping an entire bottle of syrup into a bowl on the couch. Yikes.

I am by far and away thrilled with how well the door fits in with the style of our kitchen. It’s the perfect shade of teal that it contrasts well with the red and blends with the gray on the cabinets. Plus it fits the whole vintage theme I have going on with the range, sink, and farmhouse legs on that island. I’m so, so glad I found it, and that I resisted the urge to make a quick buck to resell it! This door belongs here. Just like that little girl enjoying her bowl of midday ice cream at the table. Because who doesn’t need a noon time snack of mint chocolate chip?!

And on that note, here’s where I need some advice. I really really like my dining table. A lot. But does it work the best in this space? Now that I have the teal door, the lighter blue color on the table seems off. Yes, I could repaint it, but I’m worried that the painted cabinets, pantry door, AND a painted table is just too much paint in one place. I’m considering selling it to find a vintage wooden table instead. One that my sister perhaps has in her dining room right now and asked me to build her a new one because she’s tired of it. So, what do you think? Keep the table, or replace with wood? I can’t resurface this one for two reasons: 1) it’s not real wood, it was a white lacquered laminate originally so I can’t strip it and 2) I don’t know how I’d ever get back to the original woven chair backing color. And while I’m still enamored with those cushions, I’m not sure the pattern blends well with the rug. And I think the rug needs to stay, because I like the color/pattern and its outdoor so it has held up well to the food stains that Charlie throws all over it.

So, let’s take a vote on the table! Keep it, or ditch it?



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  1. Jane Gilman

    The table you have isn’t bad, but I think the BEST thing would be a medium-to-dark colored wood table, in a more rustic, farm-house style. You could probably make one, with your skills!

    1. Brooke

      I think I agree with you Jane. I really do love the table, but I’m looking for the *best* fit for the room overall. I have so many table inspirations pinned, it’s going to be tough to pick one!

  2. Tracy Smith

    I say keep it. It might not be the “perfect shade of blue” but it does look like it belongs in that space to me. I think it compliments the colors in that space very well! :-)

  3. Kathy C.

    Keep it! Gosh I’m in love with this space!

    1. Brooke

      Why thank you Kathy! It’s definitely coming together over time

  4. Lisa Angelo

    Keep it! I think it looks great!

  5. Stasi

    I love the color, but I think you are right, Brooke, too many shades of blue! As hard as it would be, ditch it is my vote!
    I love your house! The best part being all of the memories you and your husband have together making it!

    1. Brooke

      Thank you so much Stasi! It’s true, I love being able to look at things and have a memory attached to it rather than just a price tag.

  6. Sarah

    First off I LOVE LOVE LOVE the door!!! It seriously is my dream screen door! It reminds me of one on the farm I grew up on and it slamming everytime us kids ran in and out. It really is wonderful and a fantastic find!! Now for the table I really think it works in the space. However the door does throw the color off a little. You could build a rustic style one, but I would keep what you have for now and say someday the perfect one happens to cross your path then you can grab it. Everything looks wonderful though and that door completes the space!

    1. Brooke

      Thank you Sarah! I know what you mean about the door. I was ready to start shoving people out of the way to get it! Luckily I didn’t have to, it was big enough that most people walked right on by for some reason. Thanks for the input on the table!

  7. Jenny

    I love the table, I think it works. Since I’ve seen it in person before, I didn’t see any clashing with other colors in the kitchen. I haven’t seen the door yet though. I think if you could reupholster the chairs with a more solid print or even a pattern that blends better with the rug, I think it’d be perfect!

    1. Brooke

      I know that the two patterns don’t mesh well, but I love them both so much. I may have to flip a coin to decide whether to reupholster or perhaps paint the rug with a coordinating pattern, or even see what the backside looks like. Maybe even layer a jute or natural one over it? I’m so bad at decorating, there are just a million options. It’s so hard when I want them all!

  8. Meg Sluyter

    I really love that door, it looks amazing! But, I think you’re right about it throwing the color of the table off and something in wood might work better in the space.
    Also, I can’t wait to see how you made that window. I have a weird little window in my entry way that is in need of of something similar, I can’t wait :).

    1. Brooke

      I should be able to blog it tomorrow, it was very easy and a quick project. Just some plexi, hot glue and paint.

  9. Heather

    Yes ditch the current table and get something more rustic, a wood stain finish. I also agree with you on the seat fabric. Not a fan with the rug. Maybe keep the seats a simple one/ two color pattern. Love the new door! Can’t wait to see updates. :)

  10. deannab1

    I think you should ditch the table – too much stuff competing with each other. A wooden table would compliment the door and the rug perfectly.

  11. tara (@etsetara)

    love the new door!

    i think a farmhouse style table would look awesome in your space! especially with a wood finish top (maybe yellow legs??).

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