Upholstered Bucket Ottomans

So last week I mentioned that I was making a foray into starting a side gig of building/selling my own stuff. I built two coffee tables, and they sold within 24 hours. So I’m off to a good start! I’m following it up with two upholstered bucket ottomans like the one I made for Charlie’s room last spring. I found these two brightly colored powder-coated galvanized buckets at Target, and eagerly snatched them up!

The buckets even have a built-in bottle opener. How handy is that?! I toyed around with the idea of laminating the fabric to waterproof it so they could be stored outdoors, but decided against it. I want to keep my costs low initially so I don’t have to charge out the wazoo for my stuff. So it’s just pretty coordinating cotton from Hobby Lobby.

My one splurge was buying a Sewology button covering kit for $2.99 so I could make matching buttons on the blue one. Now that I have the kit, I can buy refill buttons and make custom covers from now on if I like!

For this one I raided G-Ma’s stash of vintage buttons to find 8 red beauties. The tops are built the exact same way as the tutorial. I used 3/4″ plywood, and used my table saw to create a lip along the edge so the lid doesn’t slide around. It fits in quite snug now.

They both measure 16 inches wide by 13 inches tall. I love these little seats. They turned out really cute! I think the colored buckets are a nice change too. I’m asking $65 each, and can do a shipping estimate if you’re interested. Comment below or email me at [email protected]! Or, you can go the DIY route and make your own using my tutorial here!

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    1. Oh goodness! Left that out, didn’t I? I’m asking $65, and can do a shipping estimate depending on location

  1. “I toyed around with the idea of laminating the fabric to waterproof it so they could be stored outdoors, but decided against it. I want to keep my costs low initially so I don

    1. Brittany, I understand where you’re coming from. I plan on doing a post on how I come up with the prices. See, right now I’m paying retail for my materials. So, that’s a $16 bucket, $9 for foam, $4 for fabric, $5 for buttons, $5 for plywood and then there’s little things like scrap fabric to cover the interior, staples, thread, stuff like that. So I’m already at $40 in cost alone. I marked up $25 for my time and skill, since it takes roughly 3 hours for me to put it all together. I definitely don’t think that’s outrageous. If I added in waterproofing the fabric, it would add another half an hour and $8 for the lamination from Hobby Lobby. The first ottoman I did was from nearly all scrap materials and a bucket from the back yard. So you can keep costs low, if you want to make one yourself.

      And I don’t think you’re being rude, I just think you didn’t realize everything that goes into the final product. And you can also read through to the end of the post to see the link for my tutorial on how to build it yourself. I’ve posted tutorials for nearly everything I build, for those who have the supplies to do it yourself. Oh, and if you’d like to purchase others online, I’ve seen them retail for upwards of $300…

      1. I have to seriously come to your defense here (not that the comment was rude). Time and skill are extremely valuable. Once you breakdown Brooke’s cost as she did, she is literally making about $8 an hour. This is a very meager wage, particularly for someone with her level of skill. So, for someone who wants to purchase items like this, she is charging a VERY reasonable rate for amazing, hand-made products!

        Brooke- this is to you… don’t feel bad about prices! There are plenty of tutorials around on the internet for people to make things themselves, but some people don’t have the skills/desire/ability to. Those people are the ones who will be willing to pay for a beautiful product, and as well, those people will understand that the craftsperson needs to make a “living wage” for their products. It’s only fair. 🙂

        Love ya girl!

  2. I happen to think $65 is a very reasonable price. For someone who has done projects such as this it is obvious the time and cost of materials are a factor. If she were a warehouse buying wholesale and cranking out bulk product she could charge less. Let’s all remember she has a baby and it’s time from her, not to mention people need to make an income. Ask yourself how much you could find a quality handmade furniture item at any place around and you’d be surprised. Just like gas has gone up so has everything else that’s delivered to stores…ie materials. So my advice is before you get your panties in a bunch consider all the factors, and realize she isn’t here to rip anyone off or she wouldn’t post it on her personal blog….just sayin…rant over

  3. I was originally going to comment that I was humored by the coincidence that I had literally just scheduled a post for FLOR (it goes up tomorrow) that featured an ottoman tub here: http://www.recreate.za.net/products/furniture/seating/the-linen-upholstered-ottoman-tub-3800zar

    Now I feel obligated to point out that one is $900+ dollars! Granted, that’s b/c it’s in New Zealand – but still. You’re not selling crap for $65…your selling a useful, stylish piece of furniture.

    1. THANK YOU! I struggle a lot with setting prices, because somewhere in my brain I equate “handmade” with “not-as-great-as-big-box-stuff” when it comes to selling things I made. I struggle with pricing my work too low. And of course, someone has to come along and reaffirm those fears by accusing me of price gouging. Of course, I then see the ones that are also handmade selling online for hundreds of dollars, and feel a lot better about my pricing. I’m not here to stiff people, but I do want to be valued for what I bring to the table. To make these tops I need two different types of saw, a drill, a staple gun, and elbow grease. Yes, that plywood may only cost $5 to buy, but I need to use a lot of tools and time to get it to fit on that bucket. So I think my price is fair. And thank you ladies so much for reminding me of that!

  4. If I were you I’d investigate local kid’s boutiques who might sell them for you on consignment!

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