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Updating Concrete to Laminate | Killer b. Designs



Updating Concrete to Laminate

In preparation to list our house (we’ve started the process to build a new home in San Marcos) we decided to update our concrete floors. We’d messed up the staining process by accidentally skipping the acid step and the stain didn’t really do much. It already started chipping. So we splurged and bought some Blackened Maple laminate flooring from Home Depot. And boy, am I glad we did!

The hubs was the main installer, and I helped line up and measure the pieces. He decided to go with a zipper pattern, and not only is it attractive, it was the most efficient use of materials.

Other changes? We painted the blue barn door white! It’s a much less polarizing color. While we really loved the blue, it was just too much for the room.

Plus it pulls in the white from the bathroom and trim. I gave everything a fresh coat of Olympic no VOC semi-gloss so it all matched. You can tell that the vanity still needs a coat. But once that’s done, this room is finished! But here’s my question for you: what do you think about the furniture? We’ll be listing the house while we’re still living in it, and the furniture in here will pretty much need to stay. But I hate the look right now. I have two different wood stains, a white kennel, and a grey vanity. I don’t want to paint the vanity white because I feel like that wall will just be whitewashed.So any tips or advice will be gladly accepted!




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  1. Allie

    What if you painted the vanity a teal color like the photo frames above the bed? That might tie in some of the colors better and prevent “white washing.”

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      That’s definitely a thought. I’m planning on giving it a fresh coat of paint anyway, why not switch up the color a bit?

  2. Roxie R

    My thought would be to paint all the furniture a worn black color.

    1. Oh, that’s a good idea! Very “Pottery Barn”. I ended up painting it white, but it may be black somewhere down the line. It’s the bed that will never be done!

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