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Trophy Wine Stopper | Killer b. Designs



Trophy Wine Stopper

It’s raining. A lot. In fact, every day since Saturday, and is supposed to rain every day until next Monday or later! And since thundering, rainy days make me sleepy, I thought I’d tackle one of the lighter projects on my Pinterest boards 😉 The Trophy Wine Bottle Stopper.

My dad has an endless supply of trophies dating back to the 70’s, and they lie around in boxes or by the retaining pond. I found this guy during one of our visits, conveniently detached from his bottom. It was the perfect beginning to this little freebie project! I found the idea on Country Living’s website on Practically Free Projects. Mine happened to be totally free since I didn’t have to shop for old trophies, I had my pick of plenty. Here’s what you’ll need to do this 5 minute topper:

• A cork (an actual cork from cork would be best, but all I had available was this foamy one)
• A trophy top (you can find them at resale shops, in an attic, or your own bedroom!)
• Super glue (we were out, so I stole some of the hubs arrow fletching glue)

Since my cork was “pre drilled” when I uncorked the bottle, I shoved some glue up in the hole, then around the screw at the base of the trophy. Wind that sucker in tight, and let it dry.

It sits flush to the base, here’s a better example of that with flash

See? Then just let it dry and pop into a wine bottle! Mine’s empty because I only keep one bottle at a time (to prevent over-indulging) and I didn’t want to sacrifice perfectly good wine should my cork project backfire for any reason. I’m nothing if not protective of my wine!

And that’s it! I’d love to raid his stash and make a few more for gifts. It was such a quick and easy project that it would be silly not to!



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  1. Amanda

    Hah, that’s adorable! And we’re getting tons of rain too – I LOVE it!

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