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Today I’m shaking things up a little and doing a roundup of my Top 10 favorite projects.

1) Dyed IKEA Couches
dyed klippan sofa

Did you know you can dye IKEA slipcovers with RIT dye in your washing machine? I did, and it opens up a whole new world of color for IKEA!

2) Painted Washer and Dryer Tutorial


Makeover any dull metal appliance with one $8 can of enamel paint!

3) Galvanized Tub Upholstered Ottoman Tutorial

4) Rustic Cooler Tutorial

5) Reclaimed Door Coffee Table


6) DIY Barn Door Tutorial

7) Dishwasher Sign Download

8) Charlie’s Nursery of Projects!

9) Tile Framed Mirror

10) Wedding Guestbook Bench

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  1. Catherine

    I’ve bookmarked your dyed couches for a future project for me! I even bought the plain cover to dye.. I just haven’t gotten the energy to do it yet! But soon!! I’m kind of going the opposite way you did. I currently have bright red – but want a more neutral color like gray.

  2. kcyardener

    um, the link to the barn door DIY is actually to the coffee table one…can you fix it please? i’d love to see how they did that door! :)

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I fixed it

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