Tidy Up Side Table

Once I built my amazing Apothecary Trundle Table, I decided to sell the “old” one and listed it on the local Facebook BBBS page. It quickly got snatched up, and my customer asked if I could build an end table to match. So I raided my scrap pile and came up with a Tidy Up End Table plan that fits the style of the coffee table.

The shelf is perfect for magazines or books Plus I added the buttons on the top like the ones on the coffee table for a cohesive look.

I used the same Rustoleum Ultimate Stain in Golden Oak followed by two coats of spray-on polycrylic.

The sides of the end table are the same dimension as the sides of the coffee table. I think it helps make them a “set” by keeping the scale similar.

From the front it has a clean, minimal look. I considered adding a door with a notch in the top like the trundle from the coffee table, but ultimately decided against it. I needed them to look similar, not identical. Though if you’re into hidden storage a door could be nice, as well as very easy to add. Or you could just use a basket!

I think they look great together! And no worries, I just moved my current table across the room to take a few glamor shots. I’ll be keeping my new Apothecary version. But I love that this set will have a happy new home! And that I now have a new plan to add to my repertoire. For something made mostly from scraps left on the coffee table, it sure did clean up nice! I’m thinking about building one and finishing it to match my current coffee table now šŸ˜‰


5 thoughts on “Tidy Up Side Table

  1. It cracks me up how you keep building yourself coffee tables, and then building yourself news ones instead. At least you get to enjoy each of them for a little while :-). I loved the door table & trundle table, but your current one is by far my favorite.

    This side table is adorable and I am super impressed how much it matches that trundle table. You did a great job. If I was in TX, I would’ve snatched that table up for serious.

    1. Thanks Maddie! It’s my third table in less than a year. Each one just keeps getting better, how can I pass up building them?! And it probably won’t help if I told you I only charged $35 for the end table since it’s a concept design. I always price the first project cheaper so I can figure out what works and what doesn’t during a build. Future tables will probably be priced at $50 each.

  2. I wish I lived in TX! I would have bought the table and side tables. I would love a tutorial on the side table. I want some new side tables in our living room. Love your blog!

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