Thrifted Nursery Finds

Last Saturday, I met up with my husband, MIL and SIL for an early Mother’s Day lunch. After scarfing down a delicious chicken fried steak, we walked on over to a resale shop that was just next door. And I’m so glad that we did! Because otherwise, we would not have found this amazing crib and highchair!

The crib was $85, which is a lot cheaper than the route we planned to go. We wanted to buy a mini-crib from Target, but with the minimum price there at $120, and the one my husband favored at $180, we definitely scored a deal. He loves the finish (I wanted white, but marriage is all about compromise, right?) and I love the shape. It’s a Dorel Asia, and not the drop-side variety that was recalled. I checked all the stats, and it looks like it’s 100% safe. It’s even got the adjustable mattress heights and removable front so it can be converted into a toddler bed down the road. What a bargain!

The highchair wasn’t quite in as good of shape as the crib, but the lines and style were so beautiful that I had to have it! For $20, I got this awesome vintage-looking piece, which also comes with a snap-in tray. We’ve already repaired the side piece with a few screws and glue, and I’ve sanded it down in preparation to paint it white to match our dining table. I plan to secure our bumbo seat into the chair until our little gal is big enough to sit in it alone, and then I’ll add in a strap so she doesn’t slide out. I think I may get crazy and cut up a few cute oilcloth mats to fit inside the divot on the tray. How fun would that be?

Thrifting baby items is definitely a delicate process. I don’t think I’d choose anything involving fabric or upholstery, since that’s just a little shady in my mind. I know I can clean it, but I just cringe thinking about every stain and wondering where it came from. But as far as solid pieces (either wood or plastic) I think it’s great to find them second-hand. I fell so deep in love with the shop and the process, that I think I’m going to be a picker for life! I feel like not only am I saving my wallet, I’m saving the earth, one re-used piece at a time 😉 At least, that’s what I tell my husband to talk him into letting me buy things “used”, since he’s a very big “new” kinda guy!

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  1. What great finds! I love that crib! We’ve been looking for cribs at Target too but I’ve been hoping we could find one second hand. Unfortunately, all I’ve seen thus far is the drop-side.

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