The Bountiful Sprout – Joining a Local CSA

As I continue along on my whole “go green” journey, the next logical step from finding a local Farmer’s Market and starting a garden of fruits and veggies was sourcing a CSA. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, a CSA is typically when you sign up for a share of a local farm’s seasonal crops. But this? This is so much more!

I was looking online for local food sources, and stumbled upon The Bountiful Sprout. It’s a coop of local farms coming together and providing their products for sale all on one website. What I love most about it is that the website has a listing of all sorts of different foods, from veggies and fruits to meats and grains and even soaps! Instead of signing up for a “mystery box” each week, you can pick out the individual items you want to buy, just like the grocery store! Then you pick it up at one of their three delivery locations. The Bountiful Sprout currently delivers to Austin, Fredericksburg and Wimberley (my town). So it was a no-brainer to sign up! Here’s what I picked for my very first order:

Grass fed beef (sirloin and cubed steak), sliced pork belly, corn tortillas, cheddar cheese, salad greens, farm-fresh strawberries and I was gifted a giant goose egg for my first order. Was it cheap? No. It was $75 for all this, mainly because I loaded up on prime meats. Is it worth the expense? Definitely. For me, it’s worth spending more money on better food to fuel my family. I’d rather know that what we’re eating is free of GMOs, that the meat comes from happy animals free ranged on farms, and that it’s all locally sourced no farther than an hour and a half away. Not only do I get to support our neighbors, but our food is fresher because it didn’t have to travel so far or be stored as long!

So if you happen to live in the Texas Hill Country area, I strongly suggest taking a look at the Bountiful Sprout. It’s a bi-weekly setup, so I’ll still be supporting my local farmer’s market on off weeks. It’s just nice to know I can reserve what I want to eat since Charlie is still on a flex nap schedule and sometimes doesn’t wake up in time to make it to the opening of the market and we miss out on some good stuff.

Have you signed up for a local CSA? Locals, got any reps for more in this area?

One thought on “The Bountiful Sprout – Joining a Local CSA

  1. I’ve been wanting to join a CSA for a long time!! It’s on our green bucket list. Houston doesn’t have too many options, but I’ll probably sign up in the next few weeks – thanks for the reminder 🙂

    I think it’s an amazing concept and no doubt the fresh, local food is so much better than grocery store fare.

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