Texas Flag Wall Art from Fencing: A How-To

Texas flag wall art from fencing scrapsLooking for a quick and easy project to introduce your child (or self really, if you’re a beginner 😉 to woodworking? This Texas flag wall art is made from scrap fencing found curbside, some watered down paint and a hammer and nails. I chose the Texas flag for its simplicity, but you can always get a little crazy (I think I may here soon) and try a larger American flag. Or you could look up some fun nautical flags online and make one of those! So many options, and the method is super simple. Here’s the How-To:

1) Cut your pieces

Start by cutting your fencing. I cut the two right horizontal pieces at 9.5″ long, and then put them together and measured the vertical piece (which will be different each time due to the unique aging of each fence piece) which in this case was 10″.

2) Cut a scrap piece for the backing

You can use more fence boards, or if you do a lot of projects, any scrap piece. This was from a 1×12, and I just needed enough to cover where the three boards meet.

3) Apply Glue to the scrap

4) Nail the scrap into your fencing

Flip your fencing upside down, then place the scrap glue side down. You can use a hammer and nails to nail 1 1/4″ nails down, but I have a fancy nail gun which made quick work of it. I placed three nails into each board to make it nice and sturdy.

5) Mix your paints

Since I wanted the grain to show through the paint, I used a 1:1 ratio of paint and water to thin it out.

6) Paint the flag

Pretty self explanatory 😉 See how well the grain shows? I tried to leave the star natural and paint around it, but the watered down paint bled too much and made it really fuzzy looking. So I went back after it dried and added a white star for the Lone Star State.

7) Attach your hanger

There are a lot of hanging options. You can staple on some twine, use the soda tab method, or just hammer in a easy sawtooth hanger. I like this because it’s quick and easy, not to mention simple. You don’t have to be very precise either, since there’s a lot of room for adjustment. Now that the hanger is in, you can pop it on the wall, or set it on a shelf. Voila!

Texas flag wall art from fencing scrapsI’m excited to try this method out with a larger method. Final dimensions of this piece are 10″ tall by 13 3/4″ long, so it’s on the smaller side. I think I’ll try out a nice large American flag next!


2 thoughts on “Texas Flag Wall Art from Fencing: A How-To

  1. this is so adorable…..my grandson and i will be making one tomorrow when he comes for a visit!! Im sure mine will have more “dings” in it as he learns to hammer the nails! Im thinking we will sign and date it….so when he is older he may decide to keep it !!

    1. Awesome! My friend and her 8 year old son are in town, and we just had a blast building two of them for his house. He did it all by himself, just with intense supervision with the saw and nail gun 😉 It’s an awesome starter project!

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