Tan Door Coffee Table

It seems like reclaimed door coffee tables are going to be my most popular item to build and sell. My first three all sold within 12 hours of listing them, and after the red/white ones were sold, I started getting messages in my inbox from people asking me to let them know the next time I found a door to make a table out of. But the best part was when a woman wrote me to let me know she was replacing her front door, and would I like the old one? Well heck yes! I sent the hubs to pick it up and sent a message to my first customer on the list. She requested that I paint it a tan color and distress it.

This is probably the most unique door I’ve made a table out of. The top had an inset glass semicircle, and it’s a really nice feature. There were already a few layers of paint on the door and hinges, so distressing was really fun to do. I got to see the history of this slab of wood. The dimensions ended up being more of a square shape than the long rectangles of the last two doors. After she picked up her gorgeous new table, she sent me a message telling me how much she loved it in her home. How awesome is that?! I always get really nervous whenever people come to pick stuff up, like they’re going to tell me they hate it and won’t be taking it. So it’s great to know that something I built is truly admired and appreciated. Now to just find more doors to make tables out of! They’re so quick and easy to build, and are almost guaranteed to sell. I think it’s because they’re very unique and appealing. They’re definitely not your typical coffee table! So I’m one step closer to making this furniture building thing official. Besides these tables, I’ve been commissioned to build five nightstands and two baby prop beds. It’s all very exciting!

2 thoughts on “Tan Door Coffee Table

  1. You are soooo amazing I am so proud of you and to say that I am so glad you are my daughter in law and the mother of my beautiful Grandbaby – Charlie

  2. First, I LOVE your mother-in-law’s comment! How sweet!!!

    Second, this door looks awesome! I’m so constantly inspired by you lady. You’ve gotta be the most hard-working, creative, ambitious momma I know!

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