Taking the Leap into a Furniture Business

My heart is pounding and my hands are shaking. But I did it. I finally registered for my very first booth at the Wimberley Market Days!

I am equal parts exhilarated and terrified. I’m really excited to take a risk on expanding my business, but I am SO nervous people won’t buy anything and I will have sat out in the cold for nothing.

You see, two years ago I signed up for a craft fair in Pearland. It was awful. The booth cost $120, and I sold maybe two items. However, I did focus on the “craft” portion and didn’t have any furniture, just craft things. Plus there wasn’t much traffic at all. This time, I have a variety of furniture at a lot of different price points. My most expensive items are my Midcentury Console, Rustic X Console, and Industrial Cart all priced at $250. I also have a handful of $30 and under items: a couple of shutter tables, some rustic caddies, these fence vases and some magnetic frames I still need to post about! For the mid price range I’m listing my fencing adirondacks for $50 each, and our cooler for $150. There are a few other items here and there.

My inventory total is about $1800. Will I get that? Probably not. Market days are about haggling, and I don’t think a whole lot of people come for large pieces like furniture. But, then again, this is my first market! People may surprise me. And I don’t feel I’ve priced anything outrageously high, and I’ve left room to haggle. My goal is to pull in enough cash to pay for filing for an LLC and tax ID. In my ideal world I’d also make enough for the $575 booth rental for all of 2013. That would be epic. I would be over the moon! That would mean pulling in about $1000, or just over half of my inventory. Please keep your fingers crossed for me this Saturday! I really hope I at least make enough to cover the $60 day rental and the hassle of dragging all my stuff down to the market 😉


20 thoughts on “Taking the Leap into a Furniture Business

  1. Stay positive and you’ll do great – more people know you now so that’s good!!!! I’ll be rooting for you; wish I was a little closer and I would come visit the booth. Good luck to you!

  2. Oh wow! My hubs & I always try to make it out for Wimberley Market Days the first weekend of Dec. It would be SO awesome to meet you in person! (Gotta see if we can make the trip out there – totally forgot it was THIS weekend.) And please don’t worry. Though it may seem scary, there’ll be crowds of people hunting for Christmas gifts & furniture. I think you’ll do great! The past few years, I’ve seen many people buy furniture. You can always pick them out of the crowd because they always are lining up in their cars near the entrance(s) to load their new furniture finds!

  3. Your work is amazing! If I lived closer I would be in trouble and probably buy everything. I too am in the beginning stages of building a house. I manufacture a clothing line and then blog about that an the house. http://Www.mascaraandmanure.com. We are building a shop on our property and you have inspired me to try to make some stuff, though I am sure it won’t be as nice as yours. Love reading your blog. You are an inspiration!

    1. Thank you Kristin! Good luck with your build. My husband would be so jealous of all your deer, he’s also a big hunter. So far he’s only snagged one doe this season, but we do live on land right by a subdivision. It doesn’t exactly make for prime hunting!

  4. Exciting! You will do wonderful and have such great style and talent. I have enjoyed your blog and all the woodworking inspiration you provide. I’m sure your booth will be successful! Be sure to enjoy the journey : )

  5. Killer I have seen your work and I think you will do just fine. I think you can expect some folks to commission you to do something special.

  6. Good luck! Have you thought about taking some things like Charlie’s new high chair, Vespa scooter, etc. that people could then order from you? Even pictures of some of the awesome things you’ve built would likely prompt orders from people!

    All the best this weekend!

    1. Thank you Laura! I’m actually avoiding any childrens’ products because I’m not ready for the liability risk yet. There are a lot of requirements for selling toys and furniture meant for kids. Like third party testing and certifications. I know you can *technically* skip them and not report, but I would have major anxiety about a child getting hurt falling out of my highchair or something. So I’m sticking with relatively risk-free coffee tables and such!

      1. Yes, that makes sense…even without the kids’ stuff, you’ve got a ton of great items and I know you’ll do great! Look forward to hearing about the experience on the blog!

  7. Good luck Brooke! Starting a business is so exciting and scary, but it’s so worth it. I also agree with Laura (maybe for future market days?) bring a binder or book of photos of some of your other projects and take orders for custom work!

  8. You should do very well. This will be a big weekend for Market Days since its right before the holidays. This is the one weekend I don’t go to Market Days because it is usually so packed! It sounds like you have competitive prices for quality work. I wish you the best of luck.

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