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DIY Organic Play Makeup for Pennies

organic play makeup for pennies


My oldest daughter is nearing three years old, and has recently discovered the joys of Mommy’s “make ups”. Yet even though I strive to buy natural, organic products, when I was looking at the ingredients there were still so many things I couldn’t recognize. Did I really want this stuff going into my daughter’s mouth and eyes? Heck, did I want it going into my own mouth and eyes? Not really. So I did some digging in the treasure trove that is Pinterest, and cobbled together an idea from other methods using conventional products like vaseline and corn starch. My method has TWO all-natural ingredients. And it’s so easy you can whip up a palette of colors in an afternoon for pennies! Here’s what I did (and I apologize for no process photos, this was an experiment that I haven’t repeated yet because it made so darn much that we won’t need more play makeup for 20 years!)