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Rustic Cooler: A How-To

I’m smitten with rustic coolers. If you’re in the Southwest region, you’ve probably seen them at HEB or Cabelas, or pretty much any hardware store. They’re just awesome! Sadly, they retail from $100 and up (like this $279 beauty from Cunningham Living) and it wasn’t really in our budget to buy one. Yet when my dad was given a slew of barnwood from a neighbor that was moving and offered it to me, I leapt at the chance to build my own! Read more below to find out how we went from this:

To this!

All for only $30.

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Upholstered Bucket Ottoman: A How-To

Sometimes when I see a project, it takes over my mind and body until it becomes an obsession to get it done. That’s what happened yesterday when I saw this image on Curbly.

These amazing bucket ottomans come from a fabulous shop in South Africa, Recreate. This particular one has sold, but there’s another fabulous white one available for about $150 us, if I did my math correctly. I don’t have $150 lying around, and if I did I would be buying an amazing antler chandelier I saw on Craigslist yesterday. I just so happened to have an old galvanized tub that sits under our water spigot outside, some spare MDF, and some fabric. All