Tad Carpenter’s Adorable Board Books: I Say, You Say

Good morning guys! Well, maybe afternoon in some places 😉 I finally found a camera cord and can unload all the post pictures. This post is sponsored by Little Brown and Company. They contacted me to see if I’d like to review some adorable new board books by Tad Carpenter. I jumped at the chance, because Little, Brown and Company is awesome. Also because Charlie is at an age where she is really getting excited about books and reading! For those of you unfamiliar with Tad Carpenter, here’s a quick review:

Tad Carpenter is an illustrator, designer and teacher living in Kansas City, Missouri. He has worked with clients ranging from Target, Macy’s,

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  1. Hi! I just wanted to point out a little typo in your title – mostly because if people go search for “Tad Williams” they might be a little confused…

    Thanks for the book tip!

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