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Taco Lasagna | Killer b. Designs



Taco Lasagna

I’m not going to pretend I am a fabulous food photographer. I’m not even a fabulous cook. But sometimes I stumble across an amazing concoction that has my husband drooling for more. This Taco Lasagna is one of them. Here’s a close up of it’s gooey goodness (and I had only this one to choose from, because the other ones looked like cheesy vaginas. Clearly I need some practice in staging!)

See what I mean? But trust me, it’s tasty. I adapted it from a recipe my mom made when we were growing up. It involved jumbo shells and a lot of stuffing, but this time all I had in my pantry was some lasagna noodles and I was too lazy to even consider stuffing shells. So here’s the recipe:

• 1 lb. ground beef or turkey (gotta keep it healthy when ya can!)
• 8 oz. cream cheese
• seasonings (I use chili powder, garlic, onion powder, salt & pepper, cumin and red pepper flakes. I like it HOT!)
• 1 jar taco sauce (Taco Bell brand is our fave, and this is NOT salsa. Repeat: NOT salsa. Taco sauce is not chunky.)
• 2 cups shredded cheese
• 9ish lasagna noodles
• a handful of tortilla chips, crushed *optional*


1) Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Bring a pot of salted water to a boil, and drop in lasagna noodles.
2) Generously season your beef and brown in a skillet. Once browned (and spiced up) plop in your cream cheese and stir until melted.
3) On a pre-greased 13×9 pan, lay out your first 3 lasagna noodles. Spoon 1/2 of the beef mixture onto the pasta. Pour 1/3 of the taco sauce over the meat, and top with a handful of cheese.
4) Make another layer with the last of the beef, another 1/3 of sauce, more cheese. Top with last 3 lasagna shells.
5) Pour the last of the taco sauce on top, then sprinkle on the last of the cheese. I know I said 2 cups here, but we love melty cheese and are not trying to be healthy in any way so I probably used at least 3. I was very liberal with the cheese.
6) *optional* Grab a handful of chips and crunch them up on top of the cheese. I only do this if I already have chips in the pantry for some reason. It tastes just as delicious without them.
7) Bake at 350 for about 20 minutes or until cheese is melted and dish is heated through.

Inhale Enjoy!


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  1. Geek in Heels

    Sometimes you combine two awesome dishes and it turns out like dog poo. This is not one of those times. In fact, it looks to be the complete opposite. I. WANT. SOME. NOW!!!!

  2. Stacie

    I LOVE THIS RECIPE and make it all the time ever since you cooked it for me. It is definitely a fave around our house and for our guests. Yummmmmo!!!!

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      Thank you friend! Coming from a skilled chef such as yourself, I take that as a huge compliment!

  3. Barbara from over at 21 Rosemary Lane

    OMGosh my husband and kids would love this recipe! I am putting it on the menu for one of next weeks dinners! Thank you so much for sharing. Found you over at A2D DIY projects party! And BTW…I am doing a photography series over at 21 Rosemary Lane which started this week and it will run for the next 14 weeks . I am actually taking a 3 college credit course and I am sharing each Thursday what I learned in my 4 hour class the night before. Hope you’ll stop by.

    Have a great weekend

    1. Thank you Barbara! I promise you, it’s a man-pleaser 😉 I’ll have to pop by and check out your blog, I’m always looking for tips to improve my photography. Thanks for letting me know!

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