Stuffed Animal Hammock from Stroller Mosquito Nets

As I slowly (very, very slowly it seems!) cross off items from my house to-do list, sometimes I get surprised. I really wanted to build Charlie a stuffed animal storage solution, like those zoos I saw on Pinterest where it’s a little 1×2 cage with dowels to wrangle them all. I had the lumber in the garage, made all my cuts, and got started. After 15 minutes of finagling with all the finicky dowels I was covered in glue and massively frustrated. I may have *kinda* thrown it across the garage. Hey, I’m hormonal, that’s okay, right?! So, that didn’t work out. After my husband graciously ignored my hissy fit, I decided to search for more options. I saw stuffed animal hammocks online, and while many are affordable ($20 and below) I wanted to honor my goal to not buy new unless it’s completely unavoidable. So, what to use? Scrap fabric? Meh. An actual hammock? That might work, but its been used outside and has been doused in smoke and mosquito spray so I didn’t want chemicals all over her stuffed toys. That’s when it hit me. Mosquito nets!

Back when we lived in Lake Jackson, I had picked up a set of mosquito nets to cover the stroller and baby carrier. Mosquitos are no joke by the coast! I mean, they are so intense the county has an annual Mosquito Festival that’s a huge draw. Anyway, back on topic. They were mesh, stretchy, and perfect for a stuffed animal storage solution! I simply stapled them straight into the drywall and have been very insistent with Charlie that you don’t hang on the nets. She’s still too little to reach the top one, so that’s mainly for the animals she doesn’t play with but were gifts so I feel bad about getting rid of them.

I love that I was able to re-use something that otherwise would have just sat in storage. Plus, it’s just the perfect fit for the room! I know I’m not going to win a decorating prize anytime soon, but it works for us. This was one of the last projects before we start moving Charlie out of the crib and into her Big Girl Room. We put up her bed rail, and I switched out the big comforter for a lighter quilt that’s better for the summer and is actually twin sized and easier for her to manage.

I also snagged this vintage nightstand from a local antiques store, and it just so happened to have the perfect opening for her owl toy box. Score! Now we have a spot for her lamp and her sound machine when we move it into this room.

The quilt was one I made for her first birthday, her family tree quilt. I actually like that the colors fit in well enough with the room. I’m not 100% thrilled with the blue in here, but I’m glad its getting good use. Oh, and there’s my little Platinum-head photo bomber in the corner.

Her art wall is also finished and ready for some pictures! She’s just now getting into coloring, so soon enough I’ll be able to fill up that rail with original Charlies. I also am thrilled to point out that I didn’t have to buy any “brand new” furniture at all for this room. I built her Pioneer Bed, re-purposed Jacob’s grandmother’s rocker and console television, and found the nightstand at an antiques store. I’m really proud of that!

Now before we start the transition into her room, my last project to tackle is building closet doors. I decided on French-style doors. I plan to frame them out and have an “interactive” center. I’m thinking one side to be a chalkboard, and the other to be magnetic metal flashing like I used on her play kitchen. That way as she gets older I can leave her fun pictures and notes to wake up to in the morning, and she can use magnets for photos of her friends or pictures or ticket stubs and stuff like that. I’m really excited to build it! I think it’s going to be a really cute addition to the space. Hopefully I’ll get it done before summer rolls around 😉


5 thoughts on “Stuffed Animal Hammock from Stroller Mosquito Nets

  1. What a great way to re-purpose the stroller covers. I think they look cute and are probably way easier than the zoo thing to get the stuffies in and out of.
    I really love the wood trim in this room, it looks so beautiful next to the yellow. And that Owl artwork next to the closet is adorable, did you make it?

    1. Thank you Meg! I did make it, in the sense that I had three canvases and covered them with some vinyl stickers my mom had picked up for Charlie’s room, then covered it in Mod Podge to seal it. Pretty simple!

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