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Staining Concrete Floors | Killer b. Designs



Staining Concrete Floors

Well, I have to say I’m a bit surprised. I know I shouldn’t be, but I am. For some reason, I thought our floors were going to turn out something like this:


Apparently you get that finish if you acid etch it first. Since we skipped that step, it turned out as one flat color. Which I like, I just wasn’t expecting it!

It looks a lot like paint, right? The benefits of the stain over paint though, are that it’s a lot harder to chip. It will have a much better durability than the porch and floor paint we used at Grandma’s house. We also sealed it with a wet-look concrete sealer, so it will stay nice and shiny (and easy to clean!) Since we didn’t acid-etch the floor, we could have saved ourselves a lot of trouble by rolling on the stain rather than using the garden sprayer (which got stain everywhere and cost me a couple of hours of touch up paint) but such is life. I’m quite happy with the solid look, and it will be much cleaner than our old, pet-stained carpet. It already smells so much better, we should have done it ages ago!


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  1. Amanda

    I love it! I bet that is SO MUCH EASIER to keep clean! :)

  2. kaity

    the floor looks great! i had painted concrete floor in my room when i lived with my parents. we painted the sky on the floor – which i loved when i was in middle school.

    this is a great grown-up way though :)

  3. Ashley @ DesignBuildLove

    your floors look beyond amazing! I LOVE how they turned out! Concrete floors are simple easy to maintain and super durable- thinking about doing even all of the bedrooms in concrete.

  4. Lisa

    Hi, do you have a tutorial for how to do this? Is it relatively simple to do? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! Lisa

  5. Jamie s.

    Lisa, I am wondering the same thing? What exactly did you use and all that good detail stuff?
    Cutecardsbyjamie at yahoo dot com

  6. Ellen

    I bet the echo is so bad

    1. Brooke

      Not really, actually. We’ve moved since then, and have a 2500 square foot house with vaulted ceilings and all the floors are stained concrete. No echoes whatsoever. Furnishings put a pretty big stop to that. I think you’d have to have an empty room with metal walls to have an echo problem!

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