Space-Saving Solutions for Tiny Bathrooms

Hey guys! I’m taking today off to wrap up my very first booth experience, so please welcome Jerry Davidson with some great tips for how to save space in a tiny bathroom!

Having a tiny bathroom can make things difficult as it can be hard to move around and keep the right
supplies at hand. The good news is that there are many different space-spacing tactics that you can use
to increase the capacity of your bathroom and keep all toiletries and other necessities in the bathroom
and within reach.

Go Up Instead of Out
Storing things vertically allows you to conserve floor space and utilize unused wall space. Even small
bathrooms have enough wall space to store just about everything you will need in the bathroom. Go for
narrow, but tall shelves that sit against the wall. This allows you to keep all of the floor space for moving
around while at the same time storing what you need.

Toilet Shelving
While you can place a few items on the back of the toilet, there is just not a lot of room here for
everything that you may need to store. There are shelving units that fit directly above the back of the
toilet and their legs come down to the floor along the sides of the back of the toilet. These are generally
three to four shelves and go back as deep as the depth of the back of your toilet. On one of these, you
can put everything from extra toilet tissue, bath supplies and other bath and beauty products.

Get the Right Vanity
Some vanities will double as shelving units on the inside. These shelves are behind doors, so you can
store items that you do not want to be seen such as a plunger, cleaning supplies and even things like
toilet paper and extra bath supplies that do not fit elsewhere.

Get a Medicine Cabinet
A medicine cabinet can store medicines and other small items like Q-tips, small hair product bottles
and dental health supplies. These still have a mirror so you will not be sacrificing this. If you prefer the
mirror against the wall, consider an in-wall medicine cabinet. These still provide the same amount of
storage while being concealed in the wall. This is a good choice for more modern and sleek designs.

Shower Shelves
In the diagonal creases inside your shower or bath, you can find valuable storage space. Here you can
put small, triangular shelves that can hold the items that you regularly use in the bath, such as shampoo,
conditioner, shaving supplies and soaps. If you have a small shower stall, consider a rack shelf that
hangs from the shower head for these items.

Baskets can be placed anywhere and provide a more stylish storage solution. You can fit most bath
supplies and smaller items into baskets and then place the baskets wherever you will have room, such as
on the back of the toilet or if you have a small space between the sink and the wall, place a basket there

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