Soda Crate Caddy

Last Monday, Nurse Friend Sam and her hubby treated us to a night at the Houston rodeo. We saw Zac Brown Band, which totally rocked down the house. Anyway, we needed to find a sitter for Charlie since the hubs’ family was also going to the rodeo that night. And as you know, paying 10 bucks an hour for a night on the town can get pricey, fast. It can turn a regular old date night into a huge to-do. So instead of trying to hire someone and spend over $100 on one night out, I had the hubs put out an APB on Facebook to see if any of his friends might be up for some Charlie time. This is actually a pretty darn effective method! We had half a dozen volunteers within an hour. Anyway, long story short, both Bonnie (our sitter) and baby had a great time. And to say thank you (because I can’t have people volunteering time without at least doing something), I built her this!

I used scraps from my new coffee table, as well as a few other projects.

The whole thing was a snap to put together. A few quick cuts, some glue and the nail gun and voila! A handy little caddy. I used some scrap 1/4″ ply and painted it with chalkboard paint to make the label.

I also raided the rose bush we inherited with the house to give it a little extra oomph. I’m no great shakes with plants (yet) but luckily this one seems to thrive all by itself!

If you’re looking to build a caddy of your own, hop on over to Ana’s website to find the plans. I’m looking forward to making a few more for gifts or to sell.

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