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Slim 6 Cube Bookcase: A How-To | Killer b. Designs



Slim 6 Cube Bookcase: A How-To

A friend of mine is expecting her first baby next month, and I asked her if she needed any furniture for the nursery. She asked for an Expedit style bookcase, very slim lined and white. She sent over the dimensions of the space, and I got to work!

I started with a sheet of Purebond, and had them rip it down into 15″ strips. Then I made my cuts, drilled a few pocket holes, and had this sucker built in no time.

At first I was sad to paint over the beautiful birch grain, but the white is a nice choice. There’s more than enough space for baskets and storage, and it’s a great height to take a seat! Plus with cost of materials under $60, this is a bargain considering its made from chemical free, hardwood plywood farmed here in America. Only the best for baby! Want to know how to make your own? Here’s how I did it:

• 1 sheet 3/4″ Purebond, ripped into 15″ strips
• 1 1/4″ kreg screws (drywall and wood screws tend to split the plywood)
• 3/4″ edge banding
• paint/stain/finishing supplies

•  3 @ 53″ (shelves)
• 2 @ 26″ (sides)
• 4 @  11 7/8″ (cubby dividers – do not pre-cut. Measure then cut)

Step 1

Drill 3 pocket holes into the underside of both ends on each shelf. Mark the center of your side and attach the middle shelf. Attach top and bottom shelves.


Step 2

Flip over and screw shelves into side 2. Measure for your dividers.


Step 3

Measure each shelf and cut two dividers for each (just in case you’re center isn’t actually perfectly centered. Drill 2 pocket holes on the top and bottom of each and attach to your bookcase. Now it’s time for finishing! I added edge banding for the smoothness, I hate exposed plywood edges. You could stain or paint, either is good. I chose to put all the holes in the center cubby so you could hide them with baskets and leave the others open.

It’s so simple, and so lovely. I hope it’s a great piece that lasts baby girl for years to come :)


  1. Katie

    Love it! I’ll be making this soon. It’s perfect for my youngest son’s room. It’ll fit right under his window and I can put a cushion on top so it can act as a window seat too.

  2. Liz

    That’s so cute! I love the simplicity of the Expedit bookshelves – we have one that I’m using as a bedside table now, but in our new house I think I’ll sew a cushion to put on top turn it into a window seat.

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