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Sisterhood is Coming | Killer b. Designs



Sisterhood is Coming

We found out today that Charlie is getting a baby sister! Little Caroline should be joining the family early October. Now to survive the second half of pregnancy in this Texas summer!


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  1. Tracy Smith @Simply Designed

    Congrats! My friend had an ultrasound today confirming her 5th boy!! :-) Babies are great! Congrats again!!!

    1. Brooke

      Oh my word, five boys? That’s one brave woman. And thank you all for your congratulations! We’re really excited.

  2. valerie


  3. Lesley


  4. Deanna


  5. jessica w

    Congrats and good luck with the heat, hopefully it isn’t as hot as it was last summer!

  6. Meg Sluyter

    Congratulations! Charlie will (hopefully) love having a little sister. I have 2 little girls and they love having a “friend” to always play with (most of the time). :)

  7. oph

    Congratulations! Love her name too!

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