Single Sink, Double Vanity: A How-To

Once we finished up all the cabinets for our kitchen, I was left with an extra sheet of PureBond plywood. And even though I was always planning on panting my cabinets, I had a touch of sadness that I was losing that beautiful grain. Because PureBond takes stain more beautifully than any other plywood, and better than pine boards. It’s so even and lovely and silky smooth. So I decided to use up the scraps by building a single sink double vanity for Charlie’s bathroom and stain it!

I started by searching Ana’s website for a vanity plan, and found a really great jumping off point with this plan. The problem was that it was for a single sink in cabinet size. But I was looking for something about five feet long that would incorporate a drawer and countertop area so my little miss will have lots of space for makeup and hair products and all those other girly things.

Oooh lala! Who wouldn’t love a drawer that big?

For scale, that’s your typical dishware organizer over there on the left. I wonder how many eyeshadows could be stuffed in there, 750? đŸ˜‰ And that’s just the drawer. There’s also ample space inside the cabinet for soaps and shampoos and lots of toilet paper.

Oh, did you notice the kickplate? I used Ana’s clever idea to make the kickplate into a pull out step stool!

If you didn’t know it pulled out, you wouldn’t even be able to tell! Instead of another drawer pull, I just used the same cutout from Ana’s plan (that you also see on her Vintage Step Stool hiding under the drawer) to use as the grip.

I found the knobs at Hobby Lobby on one of their half off days.

Are you ready to learn how to build one of these for yourself for about $100?

Let’s go!


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  1. This is so amazingly gorgeous!!! I love that you are building so many things in your house. Did you do all of your trim work too? What did you use for the trim? Is that furring strips that you sanded and stained? Sorry so many questions – but your place is just so pretty and I love it and we are at the very beginning stages of planning and building a house and I would love to do lots of it myself… so you are a huge inspiration!

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