Shutter Entry Table

A few weeks ago when we rearranged the man cave, we moved our entry shutter table in there to work as a tv stand. I wasn’t really sold on the setup anyway, because it was a bit awkward in front of the window. Here’s a refresher:

*side note: we also finally painted the door white. It’s funny how it takes listing your house to give you that kick in the butt to finish all those little projects*

Since it was gone, I used the shorter end of our bifold doors to make a new shutter table. Toss in a little fencing for the aprons and some more stair spindles, and I had a free solution to our problems. It was serendipity, it was perfectly sized for the space!

It turned out really cute! And the basket fits perfectly below it, which is a good spot for blankets.

It fills up the space so. much. better! Seriously. I feel like it’s a breath of fresh air. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it’s just the right size entry table for the space. And it’s handy to hang hats or drop keys.

These tables are seriously so easy and fun to build. I have enough left to make four more. Now to get in gear and make them!

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