Screen Printed Tee or Onesie Wall Art

Last week I took Charlie to the movies for the very first time to watch Finding Nemo. I adore this movie! 10 years ago when it first released, I was 16 and working at the local movie theater. I was dating one of my coworkers (a college boy, woah nellie!) and we got caught by the manager while canoodling in the hallway watching Nemo 😉 He boxed both of our ears up and down the lobby while scolding us, which was mildly embarrassing and mostly hilarious. Needless to say I have fond Finding Nemo memories! Charlie had a great time and laid out on my lap for the first 40 minutes before turning into a wiggle machine. 120 minutes is a lot of time for a toddler to sit still, so I’ll call those 40 a success. She’s officially a Finding Nemo fan!

Which is why when I saw these adorable FN onesies on sale at Target I had to snatch them up. The catch? They are only available up to 9 month sizing. Womp womp. I spent about 5 minutes being disappointed that she couldn’t wear them when I decided, why not do something else with them? Why not make some fun wall art? The design is fantastic, and would look amazing in Charlie’s room. So I whipped up a very quick and easy tutorial for those of you who would love to display t shirt or onesie art while leaving the option open to make it wearable again. Here’s what I did:

I measured the size of the art on the onesie, and cut a scrap piece of 1/4″ ply to size. It measures 8″ tall by 7″ wide. You could easily purchase a canvas at Hobby Lobby to use in place of the plywood for less than $5.

I slipped the plywood inside and put it into place.

Flip it over, and fold the ends of the onesie across the back. I secured it to itself with safety pins. It’s a bit bulky on the back, but I was reluctant to cut this up just in case we have baby #2 who would look super sweet in this little number! Now time to pop it up on a shelf and enjoy the beauty that is this clever and cute onesie design.

Love it.


4 thoughts on “Screen Printed Tee or Onesie Wall Art

    1. Sorry Katie! My husband feels the same way. He kept asking, “Why exactly are you intentionally buying clothes that are too small?” Because they are just too cute to pass up, doofus! He still thinks I’m nuts. I don’t care. $12 for 3 onesies and I had a $5 off gift card. Plus I can still gift the other two to one of the dozen babies being born this fall 😉

  1. Aw, that’s a cute idea! We were looking up movie listings the other night, and I read off “Finding Nemo,” and my husband was like, “Are you looking at the CURRENT movie listings?” We went to see it in theaters together with friends before we were even dating!

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