San Bernard Style: Eclectic Guest Bathroom

We had a very productive holiday! The night before the 4th we decided to head down to San Marcos to make some progress on our new home. The two major things were flagging out where the house will be on the property and reviewing (and approving!) the plans. We still have about a month before actual construction begins, but since we’ve now paid the first 50% of the amount we decided that gave us the green light to start planning our finishes. Remember how we’re only getting it semi-finished? That means we need to furnish all cabinetry, electrical and plumbing fixtures, just for starters. Which may be daunting for some, but is such a thrill for us! We’ve been scouring the Prime Outlets in San Marcos for deals (and majorly scored), hunting for salvage and antiques at local and small town stores. We’re also re-using a lot of materials we already have. In fact, we’ve almost got our guest bathroom ready to go! Here’s what we have in mind…

The sample photo from the Tilson website shows the bathroom like this:

It’s a pretty basic layout, with a very nice designer style. But it’s not at all the style we’re going for 😉 Here’s the floorplan:

Let’s start from the ground up, shall we?



We’re having stained concrete floors throughout the house with a “wet look” finish. Moving up, I found this awesome image on Pinterest that spawned a great idea…



We’re giving our old vanity a new life by painting the bottom, adding a shelf, and covering the top with metal. We’re going to also re-use the faucets FIL gave us, but will pair them with these two Talavera style drop-in sinks we found in Mexico. They look a lot like this:



We scored two for $140, which isn’t necessarily “bottom dollar” by any means, but they’re so beautiful and we bought them in a small family store in Cozumel on vacation where everyone was pitching in. That was pretty awesome. And for the mirror?

My gargantuan rustic mirror, centered above the vanity. Instead of overhead vanity lights I want to do a sconce on each side. I really like this one:


Source: via Killer on Pinterest


It would tie in to the galvanized top, without clashing with the oil rubbed bronze faucets.

Source: via Killer on Pinterest


We’re going to keep the tile above the tub a neutral color, as well as the walls. The floors are really going to be the showpiece, and the furnishing and finishes will shine too. So we plan to keep the walls in the beige family in the common areas so we can really have fun with everything else. I’m super excited to get moving on some of these projects, like revamping the vanity! Of course tiling and sconces will have to wait until there are walls to put them on 😉

So what do you think? Do you have mood boards for rooms in your home?


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    1. That’s not my kitchen 😉 It’s just an inspiration post right now, of floors we’d like to have and what we plan the room to look like. But thanks for the kind words anyway!

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