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San Bernard Pantry: Cedar and Vintage | Killer b. Designs



San Bernard Pantry: Cedar and Vintage



A comment recently reminded me that I’ve never shared the pantry portion of our kitchen! When I posted about our Hand Built Vintage Country Kitchen, I left out the pantry as we hadn’t started on it yet. For an idea of the floorplan (we reversed ours, but the layout is the same) we have a large walk-in pantry situated between our range and the dining table. Let’s get started with the fantastic door, shall we?


I found this old screen door at the Wimberley Market Days and fell in love. It was a bit shorter and wider than the pantry opening, so I made some alterations to make it fit. To fill in the space at the top I created a Faux Transom Window with cedar, plexiglass and painted hot glue. I was loath to cut down the door in any way, so instead of hanging it inside the opening with a traditional jamb, we simply used three gate hinges to install it.



For the closure, I used a catch most often seen in bathroom stalls. I installed it upright to fit on the edge of the door. It’s not necessary, it just allows me to “lock” the door so my toddler can’t sneak in and throw stuff around.



I had a problem with the hinge tension, the door would stay open instead of flush to the trim. Oddly my dad had this screen door closing hardware in his shop, so I gratefully appropriated it and had Jacob climb the ladder to install it. I like that it makes that traditional screen door creak when it opens, and luckily it doesn’t crash closed.



Now let’s take a look inside! To the left of the entry I had some wall space and decided to whip up a spice rack and foil-holder a la Shanty 2 Chic. I altered the dimensions to mine a bit and added the extra space at the bottom for dowels.



I have a good chunk of space in the back to house Charlie’s Little Helper Tower, which gets TONS of use. She loves to help us cook!



Please ignore the unfinished wall at the bottom. I had something blocking it for the longest time and didn’t realize that I had completely forgotten to add base trim here. Whoops! Someday I’ll get around to it. Probably after this pregnancy and I can lift the air compressor again.



To the right is all the good stuff: the shelving. I used cedar for three reasons: 1) It’s pretty enough to leave natural and unsealed, so I didn’t have to take time to paint it 2) the aromatic qualities naturally repel insects 3) it matches the trim in the rest of the house. I decided to do “wrap around” shelving at the base, then leave a good gap at the top before adding basic shelving with brackets above. That large gap is good for my bulky appliances.



Oh, and also? It’s a good idea to do the trim prior to filling up the shelves and doing it later. Because you will use chunky trim and forever trap your breadmaker inside. I’m going to enjoy ripping that piece out to rescue it and then reattach it, I’m sure. I made these shelves by nailing a cleat all the way around the wall into studs, then topping it with a 1×12. The 2×4’s are braces to keep the shelves sturdy, then we added some trim to make them a bit more finished.



I’ve yet to do any sort of pretty organization, but someday I’ll get around to it. Right now the lower half houses my pantry veggies (potatoes, onions), appliances, storage plastics (ziplocks and trash bags as well as vacuum sealer bags) and my tiny amount of canned goods. I’m hoping to eventually grow enough of my own produce to start canning. Right now it’s mostly tomato sauce.



The upper shelves are my main storage area. I used three shelf brackets and some 1×12’s with 1×3 trim to install them. This keeps the majority of my cooking supplies away from little hands. Charlie really likes to dump things out.


Overall I really like our pantry setup. I just need some better organization, and probably fewer appliances. It provides ample storage for our family though, which is the main point of a pantry. It’s not the most beautiful pantry Blogland has ever seen, but it’s functional and gives me a lot of space to work with. Plus, the cedar makes it smell good which is always a plus!

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  1. Jake

    Killer, I like your approach to the pantry. I have a similar pantry and the one happening to watch out for is the tendency of people (never me) to just use the pantry as a closet and throw things on the floor. Then you end up wading through the stuff to get to the important stuff. On another note I saw this web site today that you may find interesting. It is called Living Green and Frugally and the address is

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