San Bernard House Tour!

Okay, okay, it’s time. I’ve posted enough teasers and projects. I’ve had enough requests to see more rooms in the house, so I’m going to share them with you in all their unfinished glory. Feel free to judge and offer advice! I’m still planning and dreaming and working, so it’s evolving. And that means I need outside opinions! For any new readers, this is the San Bernard plan from Tilson Homes, with a few tweaks. I LOVE this plan. Like big puffy heart pulsing kind of love. There are a few nitpicky quirks that I’ll cover in another post, but here’s a sample of the layout:

We reversed it, nixed the half garage and moved the doors to the front instead of the side. Other than that, it’s the same. I want to preface this by saying the house is infinitely more awesome in person. I’m planning on getting better with my camera this year and buying a wide angle lens. But right now my husband has been overseas for 10 days and has 10 more to go, so mama is tired! Lets start from the laundry room, as that’s the first place you enter from the garage (and who walks in their own front door??)

Laundry Room:
Completed –

13 thoughts on “San Bernard House Tour!

  1. Your house looks great! I love how eclectic it is 🙂 I had a question about your milk can in your living room. How’d you get that finish? I am trying to paint an old one my parents had that is rusty and gross, but nothing is sticking to it like I had hoped. Not even paint for metal. Any suggestions?

    1. I actually bought it in this finish at an estate sale (for $25! score!) but I would imagine that chalk or milk paint would be amazing for it. I used chalk paint on some old rusty iron hooks in Charlie’s bathroom and had no problem with it sticking.

  2. I love your house. I can’t imagine the work it’s taking to finish it (and with your husband gone also!). I did notice one thing. It’s just a personal thing with me and it doesn’t detract from the beauty of your house but I thought I’d point it out. The pictures I see in the living room and the bathroom seem too high. Maybe it’s just the perspective of the photos but they should be at eye level and they seem way above that. Again, just a small thing and may just be the angle of the photo but I thought I’d point it out just in case. Your house is just lovely and I can’t wait to get a tour of the finished project!!!!

    1. Thank you Carra! Nope, you’re right, they are much higher than eye level. We tried them out lower, and it just looked a bit funny. I don’t know if it was the extra tall ceilings or what, but they fit a bit better when they were in line with the television. When they were lower they cut the wall right in half and it looked a bit stumpy. The rest of the rooms have lower ceilings so I hung the art at eye-level. Thank you for your input! And for your kindness in your wording. Criticism can be constructive! I’ve had a day filled with the rude sort, so your comment is a breath of fresh air 🙂

  3. Your home is amazing! I LOVE all the color and your kitchen, I can’t believe how little you spent (it looks like one of those kitchens in a magazine). Attaching the bed in Charlie’s room to wall actaully sounds like a good idea. I have a 4 and 5 year old who jump on the bed (even though they’re not suppose to) and when they do, it bumps the wall and leaves marks. Attaching it to wall would SO fix that, I just might have to do that too now.

  4. Love your house! This one looks like it has a lot more light than your old house, which is always a plus! Is your flooring stained concrete?

    1. Thank you Lauren! I agree, there’s a lot more natural light in this house. I rarely ever turn on the lights. The flooring is stained concrete, in a walnut color. I went with Artistic Impressions out of Gruene and they did an outstanding job. I’m obsessed with the floors!

  5. It looks great, I can’t believe how much you got done so quickly! As an extra finishing touch, maybe you want to consider crown molding in the living room. it’s the one thing I see missing in that photo but of course I can see how it would not get priority at this point.

  6. We are also having the San Bernard built and really appreciate your pictures so we can further see our soon to be house! Where did you get your sectional? It fits the living room well.

    1. Congrats on your new home! A couple of things that really annoyed me about the plan that I didn’t catch: 1) the thermostat is smack dab in the center of the wall in the kitchen. If you ask them, maybe they’ll put it on the other side of the wall in the hallway so you don’t have to stare at it all day 😉 and 2) the plug and cable jack for the tv is really low, right over the mantel. I wish it had been centered on the wall so it could be hidden behind the tv.

      As far as the sectional, it’s from Ashley Furniture! We love this thing.

    1. Hi Bennie! The cows are by Diane Whitehead (you can find her prints online, but I found mine locally at a boutique) and the chickens are sadly unlabeled and were a gift, but I know Diane Whitehead also has chicken prints as well as other farm and wild animals.

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