San Bernard House Progress: Month 1

I’m completely flabbergasted with the speed in which Tilson is building our house. It’s amazing! They started putting up forms on October first, and today they’re going to start putting shingles on the roof. It actually looks like it will be finished (remember, we’re only getting it to drywall + texture and doing the inside details ourselves) by the end of November! I mean, check out all the stuff they’ve done on the inside as well:

All the HVAC has been installed, including all the room vents, the oven vent, dryer vent, and connections to the unit outside. They deliver that at the end. We’ve also had the plumbers visit and do their thing.

Of course I had to test out the tub. Perfect fit! The back slopes, which I love. Our last tub in the Corkwood house didn’t slope so your neck was all craned forward and awkward. Not so here! The tub in the second bathroom has also been set, and the shower is being prepped as well. Then we have this monstrosity:

I’ve never seen anything like it, but it’s brilliant! It’s like a breaker box for water. If you need to say, work on the bathroom sink, you can shut off the hot or cold water that goes to that sink. Or tub. Or whatever! I’m so happy to see this. When we lived in my husband’s G-Ma’s house, we were working on replacing the vanity when a friend just kicked the hell out of it and broke a pipe. The only people who could cut off the water were the city workers. Luckily we had a friend who worked there at the time, but it still took at least 30 minutes for him to head over. So while the fellas left to go grab supplies (jerks!) I was stuck alone shoveling buckets of water out the window. SOOOOO glad I’ll never have to do that again!

By far my favorite part of the house is the great room. There are 20 foot cathedral ceilings in there, and lead to this massive wall of windows. What’s even better is that center support beam is going to be faced in delicious cedar. I’m already dreaming of the smell…

The back porch makes a close second though! I love the decorative gable, and the height and spaciousness it lends. We plan to build a small deck off the edge for a smoother transition. Oh, and we also didn’t choose mustard-yellow siding. That’s just the color hardiplank arrives! I totally didn’t know, but was fully prepared to accept it since I’m so starstruck by that porch šŸ˜‰

Coming up this week:
– insulation has been delivered for the roof
– roofers begin the shingles and finishing
– siding will be painted
– stone for the front and sides will be delivered

Next week:
– concrete will be stained (hooray!)
– stone work will begin
– drywall delivered

After that, there’s not too much left to get finished! They’ve run electrical, but still need to secure some of the light boxes on the exterior and install the plugs and switches. Then it’s insulation, drywall and texture!

Little miss seems pretty happy with her new digs. And hanging with her Gamma all day! We’re going to dress up and head down to the church for their Halloween festival tonight. Hope you guys all stay safe and dry!

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