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San Bernard Dining Room | Killer b. Designs



San Bernard Dining Room

Well it only took six weeks, but we finally have one room in the house completely finished! I know I hemmed and hawed over what dining table I should build, but when it came down to it I decided to thrift one instead. I had two reasons for this: 1) with all the angles in the kitchen, I wanted something a bit softer and round for the dining room & 2) My building style is a pretty similar rustic style and I wanted to fancy things up a little. Basically I wanted to get a little eclectic and not matchy match my entire house. So I started with this table from a local consignment shop that we scored for $225 including the chairs.

I loved the shape and size, but not so much the color. Maybe if it were white, but it was a kind of yellowish cream that just seemed dated to me. So I unscrewed the old hardware and popped off the seats and went to work. I got some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Provence for my birthday and thought this would be the perfect project to try it out. If you haven’t heard of ASCP before, it’s pretty much the magic paint. You don’t have to sand or prime or do any prep work. Just mix up the can and go!

I needed two coats, but mostly because I didn’t stir the can enough when I started so it was all streaky. But once I figured out the proper thickness, it covered like a dream. I used two coats the Annie Sloan Dark Wax over the paint to add dimension, and I love the look. It’s a lot more subtle in person than in photographs. Kind of like a soft patina. Plus I used a white buffer pad (found in the paint section) to apply it and HOLY COW it made the wood soft like buttah.

My mom found this red graphic floral outdoor rug at Sams for $75. Can you believe it? Such a steal! I love it because it’s soft yet still really stain resistant. My dogs are the sort that need to squish the carpet between their toes when they get sick. Because you can bet it will *always* be on a carpet and never on the easily-cleaned concrete!

While I really love the table (and the rug, and the light) my favorite part of this room are the chairs! While brainstorming what to cover them with, I was inspired by the Mexican blankets my mom used as table runners for Charlie’s birthday party. I waffled on whether to use red on the end chairs and teal on the side ones, but ultimately decided on red. Luckily we had two different varieties of red, so I still got to change it up a bit with the end chairs. They’re sporting a grey stripe with a bolder geometric pattern, and the others have white with a diamond shape. This is my first time mixing bold patterns, and I think it really works!

Here’s a glimpse of the dining view into the kitchen. You can see the rug, chair, and sink fabrics all together with the red, grey and blue/teal wood pieces. It’s really bold, which means it’s perfect for me! I do need to pare down on the crazy going on with the overstuffed shelves. But that’s on the back burner until we’re done with the rest!

Oh, and the chandelier! I mentioned before that it’s a West Elm Grey Capiz chandelier bought on clearance at the Pottery Barn Outlet for $30. Crazy right? We used a Lowe’s pendant converter that splits into a 2 light fixture for $25 since the chandy didn’t come with the light kit, just the “shade”. But $55 is a lot better than the $300 to buy it new! Love me some PB Outlet 😉

So there you have it! Our one finished room in the house. Oh, and for those who have asked, I’m planning on doing a post soon, but the trim is just raw cedar 1×4’s that haven’t been stained or sealed. We’re just cutting to size and nailing them up! We chose it for its aromatic scent, rustic-yet-polished look, and bug-repelling properties. Its not a look you see often but we love it! Plus it’s way cheaper than the fake molded stuff and chemical free. Gotta love that!



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  1. Melissa M

    I like the colors. I am realy loving the rug.

  2. Lesley

    Hi Killer b, I think you are the smartest, handiest young woman I have seen online or off, for that matter. Everything looks so nice and colorful and amazing. I love the touches of bold color splashes, too. I am wondering if you have plans for something at the top of your windows to add a bit of color and warmth to your room. Love to see your projects and read how you do all the things you publish on your blog. (I used to have a window treatment business) Maybe that is why I thought of the windows? (Grin)

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      Why thank you for all the kind words Lesley! And please do not take this personally, but I’m not really a window treatment person :( womp womp…I know. I’m only putting them in our bedrooms for a little privacy/darkness, and I’m not even sure what I’m going to do with it yet! I just love the view and light the windows let in without impediments.

  3. Amanda

    It’s looking great! I love the table!

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