Salvaged Shutter Tables

What do you do when you have a stash of stair spindles, old fencing, and some shutters? Make tables!

When I went to visit my family, we stopped by Wimberley’s Market Days to check out what they had. That’s when I found a massive barrel of spindles. I scored over 80 for only $20!

Nice, right? That’s a lot of tables! We also had a neighbor redo their backyard fence, so we have a large pile of weathered wood. I have 2 shutter style bi-fold doors, and after cutting them up it gives me 8 pieces to work with.

The first shutter table I built was with the Kreg jig and screws. This wood was a bit more brittle, so I decided to break out the nail gun and wood glue.

The shutters had already been painted white, so I decided to paint the spindles and fencing to match. I love how they turned out. The fencing has deep divots along the natural grain from weathering outdoors. It gives it a really sculptural look and feel.

I started out with two, hoping to sell them for $30 each. They would be perfect for a front porch, or an entry table. Ours has been great, and I think these will be a big hit too!

3 thoughts on “Salvaged Shutter Tables

  1. these are phenominal!! I just saw some shutters at the restore here and hesitated buying them….i usually get small ones for shelves and decor but the thought of a table never enterd my head! thanks for the inspiration!!!!!

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