Salvaged Fencing Console Tables

Who doesn’t love old “barn wood”? Anyone? Well, I’m sure there are a lot of folks out there who hate this look, but I’m definitely not one of them! I finally, finally cleared out my stash of fence pickets that I picked up off the curb several months ago. I’ve done quite a bit with them. I built a media tower, 8 shutter tables, as well as some caddies. And yet I still had more! Enough for two more projects, the first being four more console tables. This time, instead of topping them with a shutter, I used more fence pickets. The legs are made from old stair spindles. I joined the two end legs with a center support I cut out of some of the broken spindles.

I toyed around with the idea of painting them, but I think I like the salvaged look. Maybe if they don’t garner a lot of attention as-is, I’ll do a little painting. I have two different lengths, one at 45″ and one at 35″. The widths are the same.

I used glue and my trusty nail gun to put these together. I plan to list the longer tables for $20 and the shorter ones for $15. I mostly just want them gone, and since it took about half an hour start-to-finish to build each table from free supplies I don’t feel shortchanged. And just for kicks, here’s the conversation I had with the hubs when musing about these tables…

Brooke: “I really need some nails.”
Jacob: “You know, most girls mean a manicure. You’re the only one I know who means a nail gun!”

What can I say? I’m a buildaholic!


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