Salvaged Country Bench

Lately I’ve been hit with a conviction to be more mindful about waste. One way I’m choosing to battle it is by reusing found materials. I found this beautiful little stool by the curb, but it was in very poor condition. Basically it was a pile of scraps.

The top was definitely dead, and my worst-case scenario was to at least reuse the legs for something. but just for kicks, I hammered out all the pegs and whipped out my Kreg to see if I could resurrect the base. After only half an hour, it looks like it worked!

I decided to top it with a piece of reclaimed pine my dad gave me. It just happened to be the perfect size for this sucker. It’s rough-cut, but the top had been planed down before sitting out in the elements to weather. I think it has a really nice patina.

I’m hoping to find it a good new home, now that it’s been fixed back up! I’m going to leave the base the original red color. I think it really pops and helps to lend a modern look to the whole “farmhouse country” vibe it already has going. And since this only cost me a half hour of time and a few pennies in screws, I can price it low to move fast. I’m just happy that I kept one more thing out of the dump!


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