Salt Dough Ornaments

I totally love the sweet little hand print ornaments that kids make. To me, no tree is complete without them! We were given a kit from the store to try, but it was a total fail. The stuff was some kind of foam-like monstrosity that stuck to everything, including Charlie’s hands. It didn’t help that whenever we tried to “print” them she took a big ol’ handful of it with her. Silly girl. So, into the trash that went. I was trying to brainstorm other ways to do it, when I clicked on this tutorial from a Linky Party. Shauna’s turned out waaaay better than mine, probably because she used stamps. I had a wiggly baby and two suspicious dogs to wrangle!

The dough is really easy to make from just 3 cheapo/free ingredients: salt, flour, and water. You mix it up, roll it out, make your shapes, then bake it for a super long time at a low temp so it dries out. They look like bad cookies when they’re done. In fact, Rory kept trying to eat them!

To make them a little snazzier, I sprayed them with my new BFF chrome spray paint.

The hands (I made 4, one for us then one for each grandma) turned out pretty cute (if a little hard to see) but the pawprints make me giggle.

On the back, I used a paint pen to write each critter’s name and the year.

They definitely look homemade, but I think that’s part of the charm. Maybe next year we’ll spring for some plaster of paris 😉


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