Rustic Tractor Seat Bar Stools

Back when we were brainstorming ideas for the house, I knew I wanted tractor seat stools for the island. But I had absolutely no idea how to get there. While I focused my energy on getting the kitchen installed, trim up, and all that other important stuff, my dad was busy figuring out how to make this stool thing possible. We tried out three different concepts before he landed on this one. It’s chunky, rustic, and super simple to do. Plus, they’re 100% made from recycled materials!

I also want to take a moment to apologize for my filthy floors. Someday I will get around to mopping. After my next nap maybe. Anyway, as you can see, the base is made from an old tire rim. The stand is a chunky log of mesquite cut down from our property and aged over time. If you’re making one yourself, you can use pretty much any stump for this. Just make sure your cuts are straight.

My dad simply set the rim on top of the stump, and screwed directly into it. Then he flipped it over and did the same with the tractor seat at the top.

He hammered them down a bit so they’re easy on the tush. I have to admit, the stools are really comfortable.

Oh, and along the bottom he added a bit of bike tire tubing so they wouldn’t scratch the floor. He really thought of everything, didn’t he? I’m really happy with the stools. They turned out a bit chunkier and wider than I thought they wood, so I think once we get a grill and bar setup outside they will migrate there. There are 3 more in production, so we’ll have a total of 5 stools, completely recycled! I’m really, really happy about that. I love when you take something bound (or found!) for the trash heap and turn it into something useful and attractive. Upcycling at its best!

As my island is counter height, not bar height, the stools measure 24″ from bottom to seat. It’s just the right height. I’m very grateful for my dad’s hard work and ingenuity, and can’t wait to show them off!


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