Rustic Ladder Photo Display

Hey guys! Miss me yet? I’ve been running around like crazy getting projects done for the house and nursery. Nesting has hit me in full force pretty early, and I’m determined to have the whole house “finished” by the time baby Caroline arrives this October. Honestly at this rate I bet I’ll be done before summer! I saw this rustic ladder display idea on Pinterest, and have been meaning to make one for a while now. When I finally settled on a furniture arrangement in the nursery, the perfect spot for it showed up.

This was a super quick and easy project, and the ladder itself was completely free. I know you’ll be shocked, but my dad had a small pile of bark-on fence posts (like these from McCoys) and I asked if I could use three of them.

I measured the height I wanted them to be in the room, which was about 80ish inches. These posts are 8 feet, or 96″. I wanted the rungs to be 15″ long, so I just cut 15″ off the top of two posts, then cut three more 15″ segments from the third post.

These are pretty thick, so I pre-drilled holes with my countersink bit, measuring 40.5″ for the center rung, then 10″ and 25″ in from each end for the others. I attached the rungs using 3 1/2″ screws. As this is just for display, not climbing or use, it’s sturdy enough to hold. The bark keeps Charlie from wanting to explore climbing on it. It’s just too rough on her little hands, and she’s kind of a Miss Priss.

Once it was assembled, I set it in place in the room. It fit just right. For the photo display, I picked up four 8×10 photo frame matting sheets from Hobby Lobby for $3 each. I cut some scrapbook paper to size and taped down the sides and bottom. Once I have some newborn photos to display, it will be simple to change them up by just slipping them in and out of my paper casing.

I also grabbed a roll of wide burlap ribbon for the runner. I stapled it onto the ladder, then attached some binder clips I had on hand by running thick thread into the holes of the burlap and tying it in place.

Now it’s really easy to remove the mats and change up the photos!

It’s a very cute, very simple, rustic addition to this “Farm Fresh” themed nursery. Honestly, it would look great anywhere! I’ve seen people throw blankets on the rungs, but unless you want some splinters while you snuggle, it might be best to keep whatever’s on the ladder as display-only. The bark sure is charming, but it’s really rough!

With this ladder finished (as well as a floral monogram and a seating/feeding area which I’ll share soon!) I only have a couple of projects left in this room. It’s really really exciting! I can’t wait to do a comparison with my mood board. I think it’s so close to my original vision, and it’s really, really cute!




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  1. I love all things rustic, especially sticks and stones and natural objects and creating something useful. I like it that you didn’t sand it to make it smooth but left it with the bark on! It’s lovely!

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