Rustic Cover for an Old Mini Fridge for $25



Let’s face it, mini refrigerators are ugly. Especially those from the college years that are covered in old stickers and permanent marker, which was the case with our little porch fridge. My husband actually won it at a house party in college, and it saved us later on when our big refrigerator went out when Charlie was a baby and I needed it for bottles! So of course now we’re going to keep it around as a just-in-case measure, and because it’s nice to not need to let the a/c out of the house when you’re hanging out on the porch and need to refresh your beverage.



Ahhhhh, so much better than the giant BENGI!!! and Lone Star stickers. Here’s how I made the cover:


3 thoughts on “Rustic Cover for an Old Mini Fridge for $25

  1. I could never in one billion years do this, even if given all the materials, your explicit instructions, a week’s supply of Adderall, and a men’s cheerleading team to shout encouragement. Naked.

    You’re amazing and talented and inspiring.

    1. They do! My dad made them, he used what he called a “farm implement”, I’m thinking it’s some sort of tractor part? But he bolted it to the tire rim so the two stools can spin 360 degrees.

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