Rustic Bookcase from Cedar Fence: A How-To

Remember a few months ago when we built that rustic bookcase for our media tower?

Well we built another one this weekend, this time out of new wood. The hub’s high school bestie offered to babysit Charlie while we went to see Hunger Games. She’s recently home from the service, moving to a new place, and also expecting her first little one! So as a thanks-homecoming-housewarming-baby present, we built her this:

A rustic style bookcase made from cedar fencing. I had some old fencing, but didn’t want to give her anything with chemicals or potential mold/splinters for her upcoming little one. I think I may have to make a few more to sell, I really loved this piece!

It took about an hour and a half to build, and $30 in lumber. We used glue and a nailgun to put it all together.

Cedar is an excellent wood too. It ages beautifully, and naturally repels bugs. It’s very aromatic too. Unlike the bookcase we built with one tall shelf and two shorter ones, we decided to divide it up evenly with 4 shelves.

I didn’t plan on having the 1×2 frame showing, but realized after it’s built that it does. If I build more, I think I’ll use cedar 1×2’s instead of whitewood so it blends in more.

Ready to learn how easy it is to build your own? The tutorial is below!