Ruler Growth Chart

A lot of my projects are inspired from things I see on other blogs. Just like all art, inspiration is highly influenced by things you see day to day. So while this is totally not my own idea, I did get to put my own flair on it. After reading a post from Knock Off Decor about this ruler growth chart Pottery Barn knockoff from 517 Creations, I just knew I had to make my own!

It’s really a simple project. Buy a 1×6 board at a six foot length, and finish as desired. Since my husband thinks it’s sacrilegious to stain cedar, I left it natural. Basically I marked lines for each inch, and then using an unclicked pen, traced my number outlines so that they made an indentation in the wood. I then painted my hash marks and numbers with the same lime green paint from my other nursery projects, outlined them with a fine-tipped sharpie pen, and sealed it with 3 coats of poly. For a more in depth tutorial, visit the 517 Creations blog. She does a great job explaining her method, which is what I followed.

The cedar plank has a lot of character, knots and cracks and other great features. I chose green paint because not only will it fit in with the nursery, but should we choose to have other kiddos in the future, I didn’t want it to be too girly. I love that we’ll be able to mark little Charlotte’s growth on something that we can take with us if we ever move, or that she can use as decor in her own home later on down the line. I think it would be fun to measure my husband and I on there as well, since we’re both done with all our growing. Then we can see who’s tallest in the family! Haha

Even though we’re moving in less than a month, I’m obsessive about finishing this nursery. I only have one project left, and I want to take after photos of this room in a complete state. So please humor me. If we were going to stay here, this nook would be the perfect little place for our ruler. Oh, and I hung it six inches off the ground because that’s where I started my hash marks to give any baseboards enough clearance for the board to hang flush against the wall.

I totally love this project! It was super cheap (only about $13 for the board) and really easy. I think it would look great stained or painted, or with any other finish you might have in mind!

8 thoughts on “Ruler Growth Chart

  1. LOVE this idea! Definitely going to have to do one of these for our future little ones! 🙂

    PS- I can totally understand wanting to finish the room! You’re soooo close! 🙂 Can’t wait to see it all done and then moved into the new house!

  2. Hi there… i have finally made it over here after seeing lots of amazing things from you on ana white’s site… and i can’t believe i didn’t visit before!!! I love so many ideas& have so many questions, don’t rush getting back to me, i hear ya with the lack of sleep (for the last few months we have had miss 2 & lil master almost 12mths in our bed each night and our two older boys have been getting up and waking us at 5:30!, so just when ya get a moment ok). I love this ruler but as we are renting i’d love to know how you hung it up or if you have any rent friendly hanging ideas! Thanku for your time, i know with a toddler it is precious, so i really do appreciate it. Juanita

    1. Hi Juanita! So glad you dropped by! I used a sawtooth hanger than hammers in from Hobby Lobby. It’s just 1 nail to hang on the wall. It shouldn’t be much for a rental. I’d suggest 3M strips but I’ve had them rip drywall and paint off the wall. Perhaps they’ve changed since then?

      1. I was thinking 3ms.. I haven’t had any probs with them, but i guess i haven’t hung anything super big either… maybe i’ll use 10! I love it so much.. this way i can keep track of our lots heights even when we move… i’m going to do mine in cm tho (Australia). I don’t think it will look as good as inches tho. Thanku for replying so quickly!

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