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Reversible Storage Boxes for the 6 Cube Shelf | Killer b. Designs



Reversible Storage Boxes for the 6 Cube Shelf



I built this Six Cube Cabinet to fill in the gap in my cabinetry between the refrigerator and wall. I bought some baskets from Target to fill the shelves, but they didn’t really work out. They were just a touch too long and low. Now those little baskets hold dish towels and bibs in the island. I searched for weeks to find locker-style boxes that were the right size with no luck. It wasn’t until I hit up Hobby Lobby that I found the perfect solution: cardboard boxes! They sell 7.5″ square boxes (as well as other sizes) and they were a perfect fit! And at $4.30 each, they were a total bargain. Even better? I found them on a 50% off day so they were only $2.15 per box. So much cheaper than baskets. But I didn’t want to have just the plain cardboard showing. I wanted to spruce them up a bit.


The fronts of the boxes are covered with burlap left over from a coffee sack pillow project. I started by tracing the box front onto the burlap with a marker and cut it to size.




Next I used spray adhesive to attach it to the front of the box and smoothed it out.




The edges needed a little tidying up, so I grabbed some brown masking tape to clean them up.




And that was it!




I’d like to find some locker/vintage style labels to pop on them so they look a bit more finished. And just for kicks, and because I had the paint, I painted the backs of the boxes with chalkboard paint so I could switch up the style when the mood struck.



It’s so nice to have boxes that fit and don’t overflow! This is where I stash our bills that need to be paid, extra sauce packets from fast food places (that may seem weird, but it’s so handy when you get home and realize they skimped you on your barbeque sauce and you have some on hand), and also any extra napkins and cutlery. I save them for our camper. There’s also a few boxes to store my dry goods, like the butternut squash and onions from the garden. I’ll definitely be keeping these type of boxes in mind for future storage needs. They’re thick enough to be durable, but much more affordable than baskets or lockers. Plus there are so many different ways to customize them!




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