Reclaimed Wall Mirrors

Reclaimed Wood Wall Mirror

I’m pretty bad about cycling through furniture and decor. I used to have a large IKEA wall mirror, but I sold it when we moved to our Corkwood house and didn’t have a place for it. I’ve done this a lot, sold things I couldn’t find a use for at the moment, then kicked myself later when I finally have a spot for it again! But that’s okay. When you build, you can always make something better! That’s how I feel about this wall mirror I made using reclaimed wood from my dad’s barn. The mirror itself is just a $5 over-the-door mirror from Lowes. I simply laid it out in the sunshine to melt the hot glue holding it to the frame, then used a carpet knife to loosen it and pulled it off.


Once the mirror glass was free, I took measurements to make my frame. I decided on a super simple construction for this first one. As the boards were only a 1/2 inch thick, pocket holes wouldn’t work well. My stapler was also a bit too hefty. So I went all old-school on it and simply cut some scrap 1×4 and screwed them into each corner with 1″ screws.


Once the frame was ready, I used a 6-pack of

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  1. love! can you let me know how you mounted the skulls? i have a few from my husband I want to mount on old wood like you did but cant figure out how to do it without breaking them!

    1. As far as the dual mount, Jacob already had the horns prepped (I believe he boiled off the living/decaying parts then used a grinder to cut those off) and just pre-drilled holes then used screws into a piece of old fencing. For the rustic cedar pieces, those were done at a taxidermist for $75 each, I think. He’s had them for years so I’m not too sure. I took a close look though, it seems they just used an expanding wall anchor (the kind with the “wings” that pop out once they’re inside the wall) and inserted it through the wood and into the skull. Then they just used glue and a little pounding to insert a horseshoe for the nose to rest on. The mount is really loose, it mostly just sits in place on the horseshoe. To hang on the wall there’s just a sawtooth hanger on the back.

      1. ok thanks! Im good at hanging antlers like in your dual mount but when it comes to the full skulls i get so scared of cracking! maybe ill try that wall anchor and i have a bunch of horseshoes I can use to try to have it sit on like the ones you have. hope it works!!

  2. I’m thinking about doing something like this to our bathroom mirror… I’m going for a rustic spa theme… Cabin feel with whit plush towels and candles.

  3. As I judge the photograph, it looks like Charlie’s mirror is too high! I remember how exciting it was when my parents hung a mirror low enough for us kids to see in properly. It made me feel very special!

    1. You’re right Jane, it is on the high side. It’s currently at her chest height. But since I was drilling into studs and thus making it a rather permanent feature, I wanted it to also serve her in her teen years.

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