Reclaimed & Stenciled Rustic X Console

I’ve been dreaming of building Ana White’s Rustic X Console Table for months, ever since it was published! I loved the lines, the chunkiness, the rustic feel. So when I moved into my parents’ place and got the run of their barn (and my dad’s stash of lumber!) it was the first thing I set out to build. And boy, am I glad I did!

I tweaked the plan just slightly. As I was using what I had on hand, I didn’t have any 1×12’s available. Instead I subbed in two 2×6’s, which meant I needed to trim the supports just a tiny bit. I’m so happy with it though, and I think I like the planked look better than a solid board. It fits well with the top. Oh, and did I mention that I stenciled the top?

The top is my favorite part. I won’t talk in too much detail about it now, since I’ve got a tutorial on it coming up! But I will say that it was super easy and I can’t wait to do more in the future.

The X details were a bit tricky, but in the end I finally figured it out. I’m really glad I pushed through, because it adds so much dimension to the piece. It went from simple to professional with that one small addition.

You can also tell that since all the wood is sourced differently, it soaked up the stain in varying shades. I actually really love that! I was loathe to lose the “barnwood” look it had prior to staining, but I wanted it to be a bit fancier with the top. Plus, the stain was just calling my name. So I’m glad it didn’t lose that reclaimed quality after staining. Now I can’t wait to get the house finished so I can fill this baby up with quilts and books behind our sofa!

8 thoughts on “Reclaimed & Stenciled Rustic X Console

  1. We just made the same table with a few tweeks also. We added an extra shelf. I love this look and our next project is the X table. Mine is waiting to be painted – can’t wait to get to it. Love it…..

  2. I just spotted this in the background of one of your kitchen photos (which is fabulous, by the way). It looks amazing! I love the planked lower shelves. And can I just say how green I am that you’ve got a barn full of wood to play with? So jealous!

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