Quickie Bathroom Updates

We plan to really take our time on updating a lot of rooms in this house. Luckily, they’re all in good living condition so we don’t have to work as hard as we did at the last place to get things looking clean and useful. Here’s a quick refresher of what our master bathroom started out like:

Old, dated light fixture, and shabby curtains. Nothing all that bad, but we wanted to jazz things up a little.

We brought over our fancier light fixture from the old house, and swapped it out with that marquee-ball thing. I also switched out the curtains to the light blue color that’s used on the bedroom windows. I also cut down one of the short curtains and stapled it beneath the vanity to hide our laundry basket nook.

I also took down the old bi-fold doors that closed off the toilet/tub area. We have a big project we’re doing today, one that’s going to really improve our bedroom and bathroom space so much. So get excited! Because it’s pretty cool. I still plan to pry off the door sill (is that what that little lip is called?) and putty all the old holes and re-paint the trim so it looks more purposeful and not like a spot where we just took down a door. Until then, I’m much happier with my well-lit, clean bathroom!

One thought on “Quickie Bathroom Updates

  1. Oh I have that shower curtain! My husband was so sweetly “cleaning” it and used bleach and totally ruined it for use as a shower curtain. I ended up using the bottom to recover my vanity stool in. It’s perfect though, because the pleats are the best part.

    You’re bathroom looks great! I have the same light fixture from you before and just made a shade for it last weekend, I only need to get around to actually blogging about it!

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