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Quick Upgrade

Sometimes I look at things in this house and think, “What the hell were they thinking?” I mean, seriously. Who has bare-bulb light fixtures? Even in closets, they’re sad and pathetic. And this isn’t a case of the ol’ missing globe. It’s a legitimate fixture that holds only a bare bulb. It’s the same one that’s in our laundry room. So odd. I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to come up with a fun DIY light for this hallway, but after a couple of failed attempts, I gave it up as a loss. Then I found this $4 find at our local Habitat ReStore.

It’s not a boob light! I abhor boob lights, they’re the bane of the light-fixture world. I wasn’t a huge fan of the brass, even with it having this interesting sort of patina. So I whipped out my oil-rubbed bronze spray paint, and 10 minutes later had a great hallway light.

This isn’t the most exciting makeover in the Killer b. house by any means. But I honestly don’t have the juice to make every makeover worthy of an Apartment Therapy feature (which I’m dying for, btw). This is just a friendly reminder to check you local resale shops for cheap and easy options to upgrade some of the crazy in your home. I also scored a $9 expandable tripod on that trip, so maybe now I can start taking some more professional pictures!

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  1. April@NaturalNester

    I so need to do this! We have bare bulb lights over our kitchen sink, in our hallway and over our washer/dryer! Ugh!!! Except these ARE a case of missing globes, globes that apparently cannot be purchased anymore since I haven’t been able to find any that fit. Off to Habitat I go!

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