QLine Finishing Oils and Another Striped Bench

Have you heard of QLine Finishing Oils? They recently contacted me to see if I’d like to try them out. To quote the product description, “Uno is a natural impregnation oil product made of vegetable oil and natural resin.

7 thoughts on “QLine Finishing Oils and Another Striped Bench

  1. Killer, the QLine line of product really do a nice job. I am always looking for alternatives to stains, polys, and paint. As for the bench I am interested in the vertical orientation of the center top piece. Should really add a lot of strength.

    1. Thanks Jake! They really are super sturdy. That center board provides a ton of support, being perpendicular to the other two. Plus, they’re cheap and easy to build! I used reclaimed boards so it was a bit tougher to get them straight and flush, but it was worth it

  2. Ohhhh this sounds like what I am looking for! I just finished building a new 8×4 patio table and was looking for something different then the “usual” stain. I am going to check out there product line and see what looks good! Thanks for bring it to our attention! By the way I love the bench! My Dad used to build those all the time and I learned my building skills from him. 😉
    Thanks again!

    1. Thank you! It’s the barn next to our house. It’s rough cut cedar, grayed out over time. It’s about 17 years old now. We still have some of the cedar siding left and I’m just waiting to figure out what to make with it!

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