As it gets closer and closer to Charlie’s one year birthday, I’m trying to come up with some fun pages to make for a “Charlie’s First Year” baby book. I’m not great about scrapbooking like I was when I was younger, so I thought I’d do another Blurb book like the wedding album I made. It’s so nice to have a pocket-sized bound book to flip through instead of lugging around huge photo albums. So far I’m choosing about 15-20 photos of each month, including her monthly photo, as well as designing some “fun facts” pages. One features the predictions we made during the last month of my pregnancy. Let’s see how we stacked up!

Coloring? Well mom wins for the pale blonde hair, but dad got those baby blues right. We were both wrong on the weight, but I was closer (the dad one should read 5oz instead of 9, gotta fix that!) as she was 7 lb. 14 oz! Very close though! And her first word? “RaRA!” while she points at Rory. I am now “MayMay” and dad is “DayDay”. Rory is her favorite, though Juno is the sweetest with her. And we were both off on walking, she started walking in her 9th month! Crazy kid. The verdict is still out on everything else.

Did you make predictions for your little one? Or were you happy just to wait and see?